Absolute Pilates at home is Open Now

We are now offering Privates, Semi- Privates and classes online, so you can get the Pilates and Barre calm and strength you need without leaving your home!


WHETHER YOU ARE NEW TO PILATES, OR AN AVID PILATES ENTHUSIAST, ABSOLUTE PILATES IS THE STUDIO FOR YOU! Come to any one of our studios and you’ll always find a welcoming and encouraging environment that feels like a second home, filled with a community of friends. 

Achieve Your Ideal!

Learn more of the famous method created by Joseph Pilates—the moves, the sequence, and the blissed-out feeling of a complete mind-body workout. Equal parts flexibility and strength training, Pilates does it all in under an hour. This is a fun and engaging workout even if you dislike the gym.


We have an online class schedule with Wellness Living software for all of our classes and private sessions. If this is your first experience with Pilates we recommend booking a Private Pilates Appointment or Goal Setting Session. We offer an Introductory Package of three Private Pilates Training Sessions because one session is a not enough time to fully experience the power of Pilates.

Private Pilates Training

That Absolute Pilates Team creates a personalized pilates session to help you reach all your fitness goals.   Don’t let an injury or a disease hold you back.  The team will work in conjunction with physicians and physical therapists because safety is our  number 1 priority.

Whether you’re new to Pilates or you’ve been practicing your planks, pushups, and teasers for years, we guarantee that you will benefit from a one-on-one sessions with an experienced Pilates instructor. This is your chance to reach your personal goals.


Give us a call and we will help you book a session


Online Schedule is for Pilates and Barre Group Classes


Use this form to request an appointment. We will be in touch shortly to schedule your private or group Pilates session.

Handcrafted Pilates and Barre Training to make yOU feel good in yOUR body


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