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Join the growing Absolute Pilates and Barre movement


The boutique fitness industry is the fastest growing segment in fitness. Seventy percent (70%) of the 2,300 new health club facilities that opened in 2015 were boutiques and studios, according to the 2016 U.S. Industry Report from The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association.

Pilates is one of the most popular programs in boutique fitness. With roots in classical Pilates, it is a proven, safe and effective method. Absolute Pilates’s dynamic programs provide people looking to achieve a fitness goal what they’re looking for: RESULTS.


The Absolute Pilates and Barre programming business model has been tried, tested and proven. Allison Zang, the founder of Absolute Pilates and Barre, launched the program in 5 studio’s in PA to not only seed the brand, but to test the method and markets. The franchise model emerged from real world learnings.

Today, franchisees are supported by a corporate team of experts in Operations, Marketing, Education / Training, and Retail. Owners are guided step-by-step through the process of opening a studio.


The Absolute Pilates and Barre network is Centralized in PA but is looking to span the USA.

Our owners are passionate and savvy business owners who come from diverse backgrounds – from dance to law to finance to marketing. The common ground lies in their shared goal to not only build a great business leveraging a proven model, but to spread the best workout to communities around the world.

Benefits of Ownership

Always Innovating

The boutique fitness industry has exploded in popularity as people seek a more personalized fitness experience. Our passionate franchise base and ever-evolving technique keep us in the headlines and top of mind with our devoted base of Absolute Pilates and Barre fans across North America.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Between barre classes and a growing demand for premium active wear, you have multiple revenue streams available to you as an owner.

Robust Support

We have experts to offer guidance in the areas of real estate, construction & design, training, marketing, and consulting. Throughout the opening process and beyond, we are here to help. Plus, you can tap into our amazing network of passionate franchisees.

A Fulfilling Career

Lead a purposeful, rewarding life by helping others create, achieve and celebrate their goals.

Ready to Start Your Future. Let’s Begin. 

The Franchising Process Start Your Absolute Pilates and Barre Journey Now

  1. Do Your Research Browse the website and reach out to schedule a call with our team. Request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document and take in what it means to own an Absolute Pilates and Barre studio. Make sure you’re ready to take your love for Pilates and Barre to the next level!
  2. Take First Steps Complete and submit your Pre-Qualification Form to our Franchise Development Team for consideration. If your Pre-Qualification Form is approved, you will then schedule a call with Absolute Pilates Barre’s Director of Franchise Development to discuss best next steps for you in the approval process.
  3. Apply and Interview with the Corporate Team If your application is approved, you will schedule an interview session with Absolute Pilates and Barre’s leadership team as a final step of the approval process.
  4. Sign the Papers Sign a Franchise Agreement with Absolute Pilates Barre within 30 days of approval.
  5. Let the Work Begin There’s a lot that goes into opening a studio, but we’ll guide you along the way. Some of the highlights are finding your perfect location, hiring and training a team, and getting the word out in your community. We are here to help.
  6. Open Your Studio! It usually takes from six to nine months from signing the agreement to open your studio doors.

Ready to Start Your Future. Let’s Begin.