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2014 Year in Review

Although we would love to have the opportunity to write each of you a personal holiday letter, due to time constraints and an onslaught of holiday parties, we must resort to the holiday form letter just a bit late.

Allison got to her first continuing education workshops since early 2012. One in October and the one in November ended the year on a bang! The three Zangs took there first international trip many more and maybe one soon without Miss Alivia. Alivia and I took a 12 day beach vacation, Andy and my Parents were along for some of the trip.

Mary and her husband spent a fantastic two weeks cycling Prince Edward Island and llse de la Madeleine - a bucket list vacation! She also spent a delightful birthday weekend in Florida with her mom visiting Busch Gardens and the Big Cat Sanctuary, and sharing our favorite foods. Mary is also very thankful for all for the love, care and understanding the staff and clients offered to her before and after her mom's passing. Your help and support allowed her the time to be part of her journey right up to the very end. I am thankful every day for each one of you.

Kathy's son graduated from high school. My second born. She went to NC to celebrated her sister's 50th birthday and her great niece's first birthday together She had an amazing Pilate's lesson with her sister from a stott Pilates teacher in NC!

Keri started knitting again and finished a whole bunch of great projects including mittens, scarves, a sweater, hats and more! She is hosting a very special exchange student from Switzerland for the year. She hiked a lot of gorgeous trails this year and explored some phenomenal outdoor places but the highlight was taking her kids to California to visit Sequoia National Park and hike her very favorite place as a child. So cool to share with her kids a place I have held dear in my heart for decades!

Terri purged 75% of the personal items that have accumulated from childhood to present. It was an emotional experience, but her house is SOOO open and uncluttered now. She didn’t have time to take a week vacation this year, so she went on a couple long weekend trips to the Finger Lakes and Ocean City, MD and several day trips.

Courtney our newest teacher got certified to teach Barre and started at the studio!
She is going to be an aunt again next month, a baby boy, Carson! She Ran in the Hope Express, a relay team that runs the 131 miles from Hershey Medical Center to Penn State's Dance Marathon in February (overnight!) to benefit children with cancer.

Beth completed her Pilates teacher certification which was quite an undertaking, but something I'm very proud of. I couldn't be happier to be a part of the team that I'm a part of and I've had the chance to meet and get to know some amazing people. Every year I try my luck at gardening and every year I fail miserably! This past year I must have done something right and my family and I were actually able to enjoy many different homegrown fruits and vegetables. Hopefully 2015 will be another good year for gardening!
We didn't take any amazing trips this year because things were a little hectic with my husbands schedule and my Pilates training, but we did manage to get a weeks vacation to the beach squeezed in at the end of July. We had a wonderful relaxing time and didn't want to come home! We've already started getting things in order for our summer vacation this year and are planning to head out west.

Lauren became a Pilates instructor full time. She is planning a her wedding so she picked her bridal party for my wedding and hosted a sleepover. She celebrated her 25th birthday in NYC. 


Mindbody Confusing

Have you been online trying to look your account? Are you confused?
Here is a handout I made to try to help you. 

You see how to sign up on the studio website for classes vs mindbody for classes</li>
In this document you will see how to create an account, or claim your account.</li>
You will also see how to sign up for private, or class. This is also the same process you use to put your self on wait list.
You will also see some of the account details you can see.


Meet Keri

  1. How did you get in to fitness or pilates or both?was one of those teenage girls that used to have her mom take her to aerobics class.  LOL  Throughout college, I belong to a gym and used to take step and other group classes.  It wasn't until I was about 22 that I first learned about pilates.  I took lessons for about 3 months to get in better shape for my wedding.  Over the last 20 years, I just kept coming back to pilates.  For the last 7 years I have been very devoted to my pilates workouts.  I think I first became interested in fitness for the same reason most of us do...to lose weight or improve my figure but over the last decade fitness and pilates has evolved so much for me.  I workout now not to maintain a certain number on the scale but because I truly enjoy it.  I love seeing what I am capable of and the huge amount of energy working out gives me!!
  2. What is your favorite part of teaching a pilates?There are so many things about teaching pilates I love!  Watching clients achieve their goals is an incredible feeling.  To be a part of inspiring someone to push themselves out of their comfort zone is a true privilege.  I adore working with my clients and motivating them to believe in themselves.  That is truly fabulous!
  3. What makes you and/or your work unique? i think the cool thing about teaching at Absolute Pilates is that all the instructors are unique and bring something different to each lesson.  I have a huge passion for clean eating and living and taking care of your body from the inside out.  I think that my philosophy on fitness and teaching is driven from a belief that you have to nourish your spirit in order to be physically healthy.  That means putting as much positivity into your life as possible.  From there, the next step is fueling your body with real food and eliminating the chemicals and drugs we put in and on our body.  When you have those two aspects working together, being physically fit comes naturally.  I infuse my lessons with the passion and knowledge I have for this.
  4. My favorite other type of exercise? That is hard to decide because I do love so many different things that involve moving my body.  It might be a toss up between hiking and paddle boarding.  I am a lover of the outdoors for sure.  Through hiking I get to connect with nature in a way that soothes my spirit but also the physical act of hiking pushes my limits physically.  I love how those two things work together and I feel so good doing it.  But then there is paddleboarding.  Standing on top of the water is amazing.  It is a very physical activity really engaging the core and upper body but there is such peace out on the water.
  5. What is your favorite indulgence?</strong> Oh I have too many favorite indulgences to name just one.  Sitting for hours reading or knitting for sure!!!  Then there are pizza, combos and wine.  LOL</div>


Meet Lauren

  1. How did you get in to fitness or pilates or both? I started dancing when I was three years old and continued dancing through college. When I graduated from college, I needed something to fill that spot in my life on a regular basis as there are not many options for adults to dance at an advanced levels after college unless you live in a major city. My cousin told me about Absolute Pilates and after my first lesson, I fell in love with it.
  2. What is your favorite part of teaching a pilates? I've only just brushed the surface with teaching so far, but I think that my favorite part about it is going to be helping people meet their fitness goals. I know how good I feel when I workout and when I'm working towards achieving any goal, so I think I'm going to enjoy working with others to do the same. Also, I've always enjoyed helping people to learn something that is challenging for them. It's fun to watch someone work on something challenging and then see how excited they are when they really master a move or exercise that was once extremely difficult for them.
  3. What makes you and/or your work unique? The two biggest things that make me unique are my background in dance and my background in musical theatre. Having a background in dance allows me to see exercises from a different perspective. It help me to really understand how our bodies move and how to isolate different muscle group. My musical theatre background helps to bring out my creative side and to bring a wider variety of movements to a lesson.
  4. What is your favorite other type of exercise?I enjoy many other types of exercise. My favorite is dance, specifically jazz and tap dance. I like taking classes at various studios in New York City. In this area, I enjoy ballroom and Latin dancing with my fiance. Other than dancing, I enjoy Ariel Yoga, tennis, hiking, and rock climbing at a climbing gym. Recently, I've also enjoyed jumping on a trampoline.
  5. 5. What is your favorite indulgence? My favorite indulgence is shopping. It became even more of an indulgence when I went to college in West Chester and lived twenty minutes from King of Prussia Mall. While I love shopping for myself, I really enjoy having gifts to buy for other people. It makes a shopping trip that much more fun.


Meet Beth

  1. How did you get in to fitness or Pilates or both? I used to do Jane Fonda videos with my Mom all the time when I was little, but didn't really get into fitness until after I had my son, Parker, eleven years ago. After my pregnancy I realized I had gained A LOT more weight than I had anticipated, and I happened to see an infomercial on TV for Winsor Pilates DVD's. I ordered them and was immediately hooked!  Pilates was a huge part of me losing that 70 pounds I gained while pregnant and I've stuck with various types of Pilates over the years.
  2. 2. What is your favorite part of teaching a Pilates? The best part of teaching Pilates is knowing that the clients new to Pilates will see results very quickly ranging from physical appearance to posture to mental clarity.  The clients who have been working at Pilates for a while will continue to increase their strength, flexibility and stamina while challenging themselves to do things they wouldn't have thought possible.  To see clients succeed and obtain better overall health is very rewarding!
  3. What makes you and/or your work unique? I understand that working out and making exercise a part of your normal routine can be difficult, but it's incredibly important at the same time.  Being able to work hard and achieve your desired results while having fun makes squeezing "workout" time in, that much more doable.  I like to have fun and get to really know clients so we can come up with the best possible routine to help them achieve all their goals, but create an environment that's relaxed and non judgmental so that everyone feels comfortable and at ease.  I also like to switch things up a little bit and keep your muscles guessing so you're able to attain optimal results in a short amount of time which will encourage clients to stick with Pilates and the benefits of that will carry over into all areas of your life.
  4. What is your favorite other type of exercise? My favorite type of exercise is of course Pilates, but I also really enjoy classical ballet and barre classes, as well as taking long walks and swimming.
  5. What is your favorite indulgence? My favorite indulgences food and beverage wise would be cheesecake and frozen margaritas!!  I have a hard time saying no to either :-)


Introducing the Core Align

In fell in love with the Core Align just after having my baby girl. I was visiting my best friend with pumpkin in DC. My friend took me for my first pilates lesson after Alivia to her local Pilates. By later that afternoon my lower body was ripped up along with feeling a deep connection to my core. It was great something I had not had not felt in while. It had all the principals of Pilates and really challenged my bad Mommy posturer that I was developing.

This machine is like a strange hybrid of a ladder and ski machine. The Core Align was designed by Jonathan Hoffman a physical therapist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. There are two sliding carts and 6 cords of resistance to challenge all clients balance and strength. The draw to this machine is its vertical that means you are working up right for most of the lesson compared to the more traditional Pilates equipment. You can do a lot of classical pilates moves on the Core Align.

Check out this video of the Core Align in action.


Sore Muscles? How to beat sore muscles

Sore muscles are not always what we want when we workout. Is no pain no gain true?

Lets start with what causes sore muscles. Making our muscles do more work than they are accustom to produces a muscle waste product called lactic acid. The lactic acid causes the muscle to feel sore.

One way to prevent muscle soreness is to drink water (possibly half your body weight in ounces). It also helps to keep moving and stretching. The final thing to try is ice before you become sore.

We at Absolute Pilates all like to feel the burn now and then but it is not necessary to make gains. In the beginning of new Pilates enthusiast want to take a day off between workouts but it is best to get to the studio 2-3 times a week.


Meet Allison

  1. How did you get in to fitness? I got hooked on fitness in the 80's with my parents. They exercised before it was hip. I would go my mom's step aerobics class and play with the bench.  My dad took me to more road races than I can remember. He ran marathons back then so there were many weekend road races. I am pretty sure my first race was the Harrisburg mile. I come by my competitive nature honestly.
  2. I got in to Pilates in the early 2000's out of high school and looking for another fitness option now that I was not was not doing team sports. It reminded me of my days of doing gymnastics with the fun equipment and props.
  3. What is your favorite part of teaching a pilates? I love working with clients with special issues. I think it is my exercise physiology background. I have worked with clients with all kinds of replacement joints, MS, Parkinson's, Breast Cancer, in casts and many more things.  I love seeing people that think they can not move get moving.
  4. What makes you and/or your work unique? I have been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years. I have done a lot of trainings for working with special populations. I used to do exercise physiology research and I get really geeked out about explaining the science behind anything.
  5. What is your favorite other type of exercise? Love running and pushing Alivia in her jogging stroller.
  6. What is your favorite indulgence? Wine, cheese, and homemade cookies. I can get excited about anything that sounds like it is worth the calories. I could not forget good coffee and chocolate.


Meet Kathy

  1. How did you get in to fitness or pilates or both? I started with Spa Lady in the early 80's and fell in love stayed with it and became certified to teach - I took a pilates class 12 years ago and fell in love with it.  I then began teaching pilates and training.  Still doing both today in 2014.
  2. What is your favorite part of teaching a pilates? Watching the client succeed in performing an advanced move like "Snake" and them being excited about it.
  3. What makes you and/or your work unique?I have been in the fitness industry for 25+ years and my teacher training was taught to me by a Physical Therapist in Pittsburgh PA.  I use those techniques (really focusing on form and posture)  in teaching other types of classes as well as training my clients.
  4. What is your favorite other type of exercise?  Love spinning :)
  5. What is your favorite indulgence?  Beer and wings!!!!


Fact vs Fiction Women and Strength Training

Equipment Pilates can be strength training one of the benefits oodles of benefits to working out on the Pilates Equipment. Many women are afraid to do strength training so we are going bust the myths of why you should do equipment pilates.

You will bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Women do not have the testosterone for need to build muscle like a man. Bodybuilding requires an uber struck regime of exercise and diet.

The best way to get slim and toned is lots of cardio. Cardio is important in good health and fat lass. Strength training gives you the leaned toned looked. Building muscle increase you metabolism, meaning you will build more calories.

Strength training takes to much time. You can do a whole body routine in 30 to 45 min. We hit all the muscle groups in class and we are left with time for targeted core work and stretching in every session at the studio.

Muscle weights more than fat. One pound of anything is one pound. Muscle is more dense so it takes up less space. So the more muscle you have the smaller you will look.</li>
Strength training is dangerous. Anything done improperly is dangerous. That is one of bonus of always working with an instructor.