The Ultimate Primer and Fearless Extension Workshop

The Ultimate Primer: An Exploration of Body Rolling & Fascial Releasebiz-card-hands

(6 hours)
Join Master Pilates teacher and anatomy guru, Chantill Lopez PMA CPT, CYT for an invigorating, fun, and exploratory 3-hour workshop intensive into the science of Fascia and the art of Body Rolling. Learn WHY body rolling works, HOW it works, and how to INTEGRATE it into your teaching easily and immediately.

Roll, release, massage, open, hydrate, create openings you never knew you had and learn the anatomy behind it all. Learn how to make ALL of your movement mean more and feel better not just in the moment but for the long run.

If you want to WOW your students, make them feel amazing in their bodies, AND guarantee that they will keep coming back, body rolling is one of the best tools you can use. It not only feels delicious it is the proven difference between temporary relief and long-term change.

Come see for yourself! Oooh and aaaah, be stimulated physically and intellectually and take away a deeper, more profound understanding of the body.

Learning Objectivesfootrolling

  • Introduction to the connective tissue system and fascia
    • Key structures and function
    • The implications of unhealthy fascia
    • The benefits of healthy fascia
    • How fascia relates to movement
    • Fascia and the brain
  • Body rolling strategies and key principles including:
    • The feet & lower legs
    • Hip & pelvis
    • Key structures of breathing & the core
    • The spine
    • Chest & upper shoulders
  • How to incorporate into teaching
    • Improving specific function in the body
      • Targeting limitations, challenges, injury
    • Enhancing movement patterns

Saturday, April 22nd, 10 am – 5 pm (includes 1-hour break)

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cueingpullingstrapsFearless Extension

Empower yourself and your students to embrace rather than fear spinal extension. Explore how some of our favorite cues and techniques for ensuring “safe” spinal extension are potentially limiting healthy movement in the pelvis, hip, sacroiliac joints and lumbar spine and how, with a more subtle understanding of where and how extension begins and develops, you can foster greater mobility, stability, and freedom in this beautiful movement.

Concepts & Techniques:

  • Soft tissue release and integration techniques;
  • Bony rhythms and interplay in the hip, SI joints, and lumbar spine;
  • The role of sacral nutation in initiating extension;
  • The role of the multifidus and other key muscles in sacral nutation;
  • The role of the foot and the lower chain in healthy extension — joint-by-joint analysis based on the work of Gray Cook.


  • To shift from a fear-based extension perspective to one that promotes deeper levels of strength and potential in a safe and thoughtful way;
  • How to promote healthy function in the sacroiliac joints even when imbalances are present;
  • Learn how ORGANIZATION and INITIATION of extension are critical so that we are working with the body rather than against it.
  • Learn how changing the apex of the curve can make all the difference;
  • Learn the steps to take to help students develop healthy local extension as well as gross overall balanced extension of the spine;
  • Learn tools that you can integrate to engage, challenge and motivate your students to LOVE extension.

Sunday, April 23rd , 10 am – 5 pm (includes 1-hour break)

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Workshop Fees & Registration Details


  • $250/1 workshop (links above in descriptions)
  • $450/2 workshops **Save on both days click here***

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Meet Chantill Lopez

ChantilAfter more than 20 years of teaching, 15 of which have been spent teaching Pilates, yoga, dance, meditation and other movement modalities to a complex variety of folks, Chantill Lopez is proud to be a teacher of teachers. Building relationships with teachers who want to be unabashedly amazing at what they do — teachers who want to move beyond the clockwork pieces of technique and blow the top off their potential – is what excites her most about her work and keeps her inspired, creating continuing education and working with teachers world-wide.

She holds Pilates certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute and Body Kinetics with Master Teacher Carol Appel, is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling and Vinyasa yoga, and has extensively studied the work of Philip Beach, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Authentic Movement, and the Halprin Life/Art Process, as well as Vipasana meditation, Buddhist psychology and The Work by Byran Katie. Chantill is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) and CYT.

She is the founder of Skillful Teaching – an international live and online educational company for Pilates and yoga teachers and is the author of “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business.”

Her teaching philosophy is simple: Be real. Don’t fake it. Be able to say I don’t know. Laugh at myself. Extend compassion to myself and my students. Enter in fully, every time, ready or not.

You can learn more about her at