Why Your Posture Matters

Are you sitting down and reading this post? If so (and your shoulders are curled and slouched), that poor posture could be taking a toll on your health. Most of us take it for granted, but how we sit, stand, and walk make a difference in how we look and feel. Moving your body more with Absolute Pilates is one way to boost your posture and health, but here are a few more practical tips you can start using in your everyday routines. 

Dead Butt Syndrome is a Thing

Dead Butt Syndrome may sound like a made-up term, but this phenomenon is 100% real. What’s worse is that many Americans are suffering from DBS without even knowing it. All of that sitting you’re doing for work and leisure can cause a sort of amnesia in the muscles in and around your glutes. Basically, your butt forgets to do its job and you eventually end up with tight hamstrings, weak hips, and pain in your lower back and knees. 

So what’s the best way to combat DBS symptoms? You may have already guessed it: movement! Even if you have a busy schedule, you can use these simple exercises to strengthen your glutes and protect your butt. Try to work in some short breaks throughout your day to do a few squats and lunges for stronger muscles and a firmer backside. 

Bad Posture Can Cause Stress 

Want to hear another weird posture fact? Aside from putting strain on your body, bad posture can also have negative impact on your mental health. It sounds farfetched but people who make an effort to sit up nice and tall tend to have more focus, improved self-esteem, elevated energy levels, and less stress. Basically, good posture equals more positive feelings and thoughts. 

It can also help reduce stress in your work and home environment. If those two are one and the same these days, dedicate some time to minimizing stressors around your home. Start by clearing out excess clutter then thoroughly clean and disinfect every single inch. You can top off these efforts by opening a window for fresh air and smudging with herbs. 

A Strong Core is Absolutely Essential 

Now you know how posture can affect your butt and brain, so let’s talk about how strengthening your core can help. By its very definition, “core” is “a central and often foundational part” — of your body, especially. The muscles that make up your core form the foundation of the rest of your body and provide critical support to your back and central nervous system. 

If your job has you sitting and slouching all day, your foundation can begin to weaken. To re-strengthen your core and stabilize your spine, you may want to give functional training with pilates a try. With simple but controlled poses like plank and bridge, you can build a solid foundation and maybe even build that covetable six-pack in the process. It’s a win-win! 

Standing Desks vs. Ergonomic Chairs 

Moving your body more is the most effective way to improve your posture, but sometimes you do need to sit still in order to get some work done. Which may have you asking whether choosing either a supportive chair or a standing desk is better for your posture and health? As it turns out, the answer is to use a good combination of both. 

A standing desk will keep you from sitting for hours on end, but too much standing can be bad for your back and health, as well. So look for a desk that can be converted for standing and sitting. Then invest in an ergonomic chair and change the way you sit for a big health boost. 

Whether you’re sitting or standing, your posture matters so much to both your physical and mental health. Try to be more mindful of this fact. Also, be sure to get up and get moving throughout the day. Do lunges and squats during your lunch break. Better yet, carve out some time for an Absolute Pilates class. Your butt and your body will thank you!