Which One is Ideal for You: Pilates or Yoga?

Looking for the best exercise program in 2019 ? If this sounds like you, then you are at the right place!

Most people thought that doing some of the most difficult workouts out there gives them a “shortcut” route to fitness success.

If you are a beginner, it is appropriate to look for the most ideal workout for your body. We get calls all the time about how Pilates and Yoga are the same.There are two types of exercises are very different and complementary. Which one is the perfect workout program for you?

What is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

You probably have seen people doing insane stretches, postures and meditations. All can be seen on both pilates and yoga, with only small differences.

Yoga promotes unity of mind, body and spirit. There are also different types of yoga but they all works the same way – seeing the body and mind as one whole structure.

According to yoga practitioners, it helps the body to heal and find mental peace and harmony, which is the reason why yoga is also considered to have therapeutic benefits.

On the other hand, pilates offer similar goals in mind but the main differences are the use of mat and involves other equipments as well.

Pilates helps improve your body’s strength, focus and flexibility, which leads to better core, posture and increased muscle gains.

Which Gives a Better Workout: Pilates or Yoga?

To get an unbiased answer to this question, it is important to ask the right people who are neutral from both exercises.

People who are devoted to pilates will surely advise you to follow pilates, and the same goes to those people in the yoga camp.

Enthusiasts of both will say that the exercises are quite the same in many ways – lengthen (flexibility) and strengthen the body.

Which one is superior depends on who you ask. But is there truly a difference that makes one a better workout than the other?

The answer is just a matter of personal choice!

Both Exercises Promote Similar Fitness Benefits

If you are finding it difficult to decide which exercise works best between pilates and yoga, then don’t bother anymore as both provide similar physical and mental benefits.

Choosing either one will become a huge part of your life, and this decision will depend on the results that you would like to attain.

With pilates, the breath is used more to keep your muscles with the energy they need to function more efficiently. This breathing technique gives you the capacity to control the amount of oxygen coming into your body and traveling to your muscles, making them more relax.

Yoga can be useful in improving your body’s overall flexibility, including your joints. So there’s a big difference here between pilates (muscle strengthening) and yoga (flexibility).

But both exercises are actually beneficial for toning and strengthening of different muscle groups. If you are asking which one can provide faster weight loss, then both have no significant difference in how much you will lose.

Also, pilates and yoga are great workouts to help fight depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues. Any exercise is beneficial to the body and mind, but pilates and yoga can help you to effectively de-stress your body using stretching, breathing, alignment, strength, meditation and other techniques.

Pilates or Yoga? You Decide!

Choosing either one requires you to use your entire body, exercise with your barefoot, and have set moves and poses.

Again, pilates is focused with an emphasis on strengthening your body core in short sets.

Yoga on the other hand, is focused on your flexible limits in held postures.

These two exercises promote key areas of physical fitness in a healthy way, plus also promoting a sense of positive mental aura.

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