Which Exercises Work Well With a Timer

Which Exercises Work Well With a Timer

Exercising can be a difficult task to get started. If you are the average person, you probably dread the time you will spend throwing around those weights in your garage or workout area.

In practice, working with a timer can take some of that pain out of the equation and give you something to focus your mind on while your muscles burn. Figuring out which exercises you should do with a timer can often be challenging, especially when you have no idea which exercises you require a timer! To help combat this confusion, here is a guide on which exercises work well with a timer.


Planks work well with a timer, as they force you to adhere to a time limit while your abs flex. As a bonus, a timer gives you something besides your pain to focus on while your stomach burns in agony.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts work great with a timer. Knowing how long to lift a leg in the air before setting it down and repeating the process ensures that you exercise the muscle groups you want to target. Often, you will set your leg down at the first sign of pain without a timer; however, having a timer prevents you from doing that by serving as a track record for your movements.


Sprints are another essential exercise to do with a timer. In this case, you can use timers to set personal goals in both distance and time. Allowing yourself a metric to gauge your improvement goes a long way into boosting your confidence and knowing that your exercises benefit you.

Jump Rope

As you cannot precisely count how many skips you do before stopping, having a timer assures that you get the most out of your workout time. A timer will push you to the edge of your exercise with the jump rope, allowing you to increase your overall workout time by decreasing time wasted.

Knowing which exercises work well with a timer can increase the amount of time you spend improving yourself and decrease the time you waste. As well, having a set plan or schedule of which exercises you do on certain days is a straightforward and stress-free way of ensuring that you stick to your workout regimen. Always remember that all exercise is beneficial no matter what, and you should be proud of every moment you spend improving yourself.