What does training to a Wonder Woman mean to me?

I started working out like so many people because I wanted my butt to look good in my jeans. I now work out so that my body does for me what I need it to do. I do not want to hurt 24 x 7. I want to be happy, feel good and be strong. When I am successful at those three I feel like Wonder Woman and I am ready to take on the world. Here are my three key points to make it all happen for me.

I used to feel like I had to run four to five days a week. It would leave me feeling drained and endlessly sore I would love to do that but is just not possible as a mom one kid and 5 Pilates studio. I am happy if it is a two-run week and my body feels good when I do it. Point number one wonder woman needs to get in cardio. You can do it in or out of the studio. I actually refound my love of bouncing with the new bounce classes we offer on mini trampolines and teaching jump board on the reformer. These have been my go-to cardio for all the rainy days we have had this summer.

I realized this summer when I was schooled by my 5-year-old in a pull-up contest I need to work on my strength. (facebook evidence available)  Point number two we all need to have our strength at the top of our game. I have some long-standing upper body issues from my competitive athlete days. I realized I had been putting my wonder woman training aside and not pushing. I keep picking up the same 2lb yep I said it 2lb hand weights. Great news everybody for this challenge I will be increasing my strength training in my personal workouts and classes I teach. Please do not take this to mean you need to pick weights heavier than 2lbs or there is anything wrong but we all need to push our comfort zone. Do one more rep, slide the reformer out an inch further, roll down just a bit more. Go try it!

The last point number three take care of yourself from the inside out. Drink water lots of water (maybe your weight in ounces). I did this some time back and felt great. It is a lot of water to get down in a day. Pick one thing you know you should not be eating and give it up for the challenge or 30 days. You might not miss it by the end. What could it be for you soda, fast food or candy? You could make super specific like donuts or m&m or leave it broad category. Take not on after these to change how do you feel.

I will be out there training to be a wonder woman along with you. Join me for the challenge if you are a client just print a WW card or get one in the studio. If you are new to the studio we have special off for 15 classes to get you started. Let’s support each other and encourage each other to finish you Wonder Woman W so you can earn some great prizes. Support a great cause and feel wonderful.