What should I feel?

Clients come into the Pilates studio saying: Should I feel this? Where should I feel this? Should I feel this here? I think I felt that too much.

Clients are often having new experiences in the studio. Learning new equipment and new exercises which is why clients come in.  In the process of learning new things we often can not figure out what we are feeling. Is because we are not as connected to our body as we think we are as we would like to be. This brain body connection can grow with movement experience. I have been thinking about this more especially for clients I work one on one with week in and week out. Yes, I do want you to feel it but more importantly for me is the whole experience the cumulation of the lesson. I want you to walk away:

  • feeling strong
  • feeling balanced
  • feeling inspired
  • feeling free

If you feel anything at the end that is positive.