What Is Athleisure and How Do I Wear It?

What Is Athleisure and How Do I Wear It?

Have you heard the word “athleisure” and been utterly stumped? Maybe you’re accustomed to keeping your workout gear and your street clothes separate. While some articles of clothing function differently than others, you can add comfort to your everyday look by styling some of your Pilates gear for the street. When you ask yourself, “What is athleisure and how do I wear it?” remember this handy guide and bring some extra stretch to your everyday wardrobe.

What Is It?

Simply put, athleisure refers to clothing you can wear both in the gym and at the grocery store. Think about the stretchy leggings and zip-up jackets you wear to sweat in. After they’ve been through the laundry, think about how useful they can be in everyday life. Those stretchy fabrics and thin layers can keep you comfy and flexible no matter what you’re up to.

Why Should I Try It?

Meshing your workout wardrobe with your everyday duds creates dozens more mix-and-match opportunities. Show off your creative side while staying comfy; the right athleisure ensemble can elevate your Pilates gear to a daring date look. When you incorporate your athletic pieces into your everyday wardrobe, you’ll never want to let that comfort go! Plus, you never know when that touch of athletic chic will come in handy. You’ll be grateful for moisture-wicking fabric on a hot day, and a pair of sneakers will be your best friend while you run errands.

How Do I Do It?

Pick a little of this and a little of that. Are you especially fond of your black leggings? Pair them with a short, swingy dress or romper. What about your collection of bold neon sports bras? Let them peek through a sheer or backless top. Combine that stretchy, high-performance fabric with street-style classics like blue jeans or a leather jacket. Treat your Pilates clothes like any other piece in your closet, and soon you’ll be an expert at combining function with superior comfort.

Now that you know all about athleisure and why it’s all the rage right now, you can hop on the trend with ease. Strut your stuff in a sporty tank top and a structured pair of jeans. When your friends ask you, “What is athleisure and how do I wear it?” you’ll have all the answers at the ready.