What are You Comparing Yourself To?

Comparison is the robber of happiness. It keeps you from doing what you feel you were meant to do. It makes you feel like you are not good enough. What are you comparing yourself to? Is the client next to you on the reformer? Is your friend from college you see. Is the random person in front of you in line at the grocery store? All the people out there on the book of faces and insta?

I often find myself playing a nasty game of comparison. Is it part of being female? Any way you spin it is not healthy. Most recently I was comparing myself to all the moms and not feeling like I fit into any of the groups.  If you want to go down an ugly rabbit hole post a parenting question on an online forum and see all the mom camps unfold. I did not even have to post to the internet the other week and my family did the comparing for me. It was a great experience let me tell you. It stung a bit. After you take a minute to lick your wounds what are you going to do about it. You get no more than 24 hours to feel bad for or about yourself after one these bouts of comparison.

I realized that I had to take action. I am changing things around my house with all communications. I am not going to get into what happened or what changed. The whole experience was eye-opening and I realized this experience is happening every minute of every day for many people and we need to stop comparing and realize you are where you are. You might want to change…

  • so set realistic goals
  • find someone to support you
  • find someone to hold you accountable
  • reward yourself for your efforts
  • tell everyone that matters what you are doing

If it is health and wellness related check out Well Scene HBG. We are collecting all the resources you need to move forward. If it is exercise and Pilates relate book a goal-setting session in the studio and we can chat on how we can support you.


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