What Are the Most Breathable Fabrics for Exercise?

When you find yourself in need of exercise gear, you might notice that the market is flooded with options, but knowing what’s best is always the question.

With the wind in your face and everything else left in a trail of dust, there is no better feeling than to get your exercise in early in the morning or mid-afternoon on a sunny day. When you’re out there in the elements with an elevated heart rate, you will want to remain as comfortable as possible. Choosing the right fabrics will ensure you don’t get too hot or sweat too much, as this could cause you to stop for a multitude of reasons, including heat exhaustion and dehydration. Therefore, it’s extremely important to know what the most breathable fabrics for exercise are before you lace up and head out. 


Everywhere you look, you will find synthetics. As such, it can be extremely confusing when you find a jacket or shorts that you really like but are unsure of what the fabric can offer you. Nylon maintains its status as one of the most popular fabrics for exercise enthusiasts of all levels. 

Breathable and moisture-wicking, these synthetic fabrics will also stretch with you as you stretch, so you know they are a solid choice to take along the ride. Then you have polyester, which is a step up for some, as it has a high durability profile and is also lightweight, moisture repellent, and non-absorbent. 

The kicker with this fabric is that it’s UV repellent, which makes it ideal for sunny areas. You might use this type of fabric for long-sleeved shirts, wind pants, or jackets. If you find yourself looking into polypropylene, you might be shocked at how well the fabric works as a base layer to help wick away sweat and keep you comfortable. No matter how hot and sweaty you get, this fabric will stay cool and dry to the touch, as it breathes very well. 


Bamboo is something that has recently made its way to the market as a natural option, and it has proven to be wildly successful. You may look at it primarily as an eco-friendly option, but that isn’t the only benefit you will gain from this material. 

This fabric has all the same benefits as most synthetics, as it is sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial, and remains soft wash after wash. Bamboo is one of the most resilient materials you can find and completely natural, so what’s not to love about it? 


Finally, there are blends that you can find in most retail stores when you are in the market for athletic equipment and gear. These fabrics work with percentages of certain materials to share the best attributes of all their counterparts and create the best gear money can buy. These items are usually a bit pricey, but you can find deals on them when they go on sale with certain retailers. This is the fabric to shop for if you want something that will last forever and give you limitless comfort for the best exercise experiences you can imagine. 

As an exercise enthusiast, knowing the most breathable fabric for exercise is something that you will want to always remain aware of. This contributes to your performance and how you feel overall, allowing you to keep doing what you love day after day. Now that you know which fabrics are the most breathable, you’ll know one of the main things to consider when purchasing exercise gear