What are the benefits of working on Pilates machines?

Pilates machines consists of a range of equipment designed to accommodate clients at every point in there life. The most common is the reformer (a table with springs and straps). Most classical pilates studios have three to five of the classical pieces of equipment. In our studio we have reformers, towers, and chairs. You will also find core align, ladder barrels and spine correctors.

The equipment was developed by Joseph Pilates before he created the traditional mat exercises. According to Pilates Method Alliance, “Pilates equipment today is not much different than that of yesteryear. Spring tension, straps to hold feet or hands, supports for back, neck and shoulder are as important now as they were then. Because of the remarkable nature of the equipment to both challenge and support the body as it learns to move more efficiently, the inimitably designed pieces truly act as a complement to the challenging “matwork” exercises.”

Pilates equipment is helpful for beginners because the springs keep you in good alignment and help you complete exercises. As you get stronger the springs then turn and make exercises harder for you complete as you progress through to being a pilates devote.  Do not worry there will always be a challenge there are over 500 classical exercise and then many modern day twists that have been added to the program.