We’re Stronger Together

Whether you’re just starting to exercise for the first time, interested in building or maintain a solid fitness routine or even cross-training for your next Marathon, Pilates and barre provides the support you need to unleash your potential. Group fitness classes have individuals of all levels of experience who are interested in a variety of goals and have various levels of experience, so everybody has someone to plié with.

Absolute Pilates offers a variety of class and training options to meet the needs of most people of all levels —whether you’re are recently off the couch or months deep into marathon training. Here are 5 reasons why you need to join us at the barre.

1. You’ll get stronger faster and go farther.

Whether you’re taking your first fitness steps, or trying to boost your marathon performance, exercising with others can help you make a breakthrough. When you’ve got the support others, you’ll find it easier to do more than you might go alone. In the company of classmates,  you might challenge yourself a bit more than what you would do normally do if you were at the gym alone. There’s a sense of wanting to push yourself more because your new-found friends are challenging themselves, too.

2. You’ll get guidance.

Challenges offer support and direction above and beyond the classes logged. We have an online group, weekly challenges and extra classes.  This after class support is critical to getting stronger, healthier, and sticking to it.

3. You’ll get accountability.

It’s much harder to blow off a workout when you know that people are waiting for you. I think a big piece of what keeps people coming is having people expecting you in class and wondering where you are when you are not at class. And that’s why a challenge can help you develop a more consistent routine. This accountability is especially important when the weather creates reasons to stay in.  With the cold weather it’s so easy to say ‘oh, I will just skip it today and stay in my warm house. If you have people counting on you being there and keeping you accountable, you are much more likely to attend.

4. You’ll explore new territory.

When you’re out with a group, you have a tendency to stay in the same routine. The various classes in the challenge will help freshen up your routine. And having a new menu of options can help you bust through training ruts that are born of past habits.  If a class seems like more than you are ready for you can hear about from other classmates that have previously attended. 

5. You’ll have fun.

Above and beyond fun is probably the most essential ingredient for developing a sustainable fitness routine. You’ll feel a camaraderie and sense of connection with others who are working toward the same goal. Together you can commiserate about letdowns and celebrate your successes. Nothing is more exciting than hitting the 100 club!