Well Wishes For Allison

Well Wishes For Allison

As you may have noticed, Allison has recently taken some time off from the studio.  We wanted to share some important information regarding this with you on behalf of Allison and her husband Andy.  Also, all the instructors thank you for your support during this time.  It is our commitment to each and every client, to continue to run the studio has you have grown accustomed to over the years.  We have worked hard to include each of Allison’s clients into our schedules so that you can maintain a fitness program that will keep you achieving all your goals.  Below, please read Andy’s heartfelt message.

I am sure many of you are wondering why Alli has not been around the last 2 weeks. So I will take a few moments to enlighten everyone to the present situation.

Two weeks ago, Alli began to experience tingling in both her hands and feet along with variable pains of her neck, back and hips. This progressed over the course of a few days. Last Monday, we went to ER because things were worsening and while there began to develop neurological signs. The tests run did not provide much clarity. Over the rest of last week, her lower body motor skills became more of a challenge to her mobility. Things continued to worsen over the weekend.

On Monday, back to the ER at Hershey this time we went. The neurologists there were more cued in to what I, her PCP and MD colleagues of mine were believing. An arduous spinal tap yesterday confirmed the working diagnosis of Guillen Barre. This is a demylinating condition whereby the immune system attacks the nerve conduction mechanism of the body (similar to MS, but this one will remylinate). As this happens, tingling, muscle incoordination, muscle paralysis, sometimes even respiratory distress can occur (thankfully that last one has not appeared). Generally, the condition peaks at 2-3 weeks (we are at 2 wks now) and then the body begins to heal itself, though timetable is unknown. I am hoping that since she is young and otherwise healthy that recovery will be faster. Tuesday began the 1st round of IVIG treatment to help bolster her immune system and help give the body what it needs for the recovery process. There will be 1-2 more days of this in the hospital. Her recovery timeframe is  questionable and likely to be lengthy.

I want to thank her wonderful staff for doing everything in their power to keep the studio running as smoothly as possible in her absence for all of you. Alli has poured all of her heart and soul over the last 6 yrs into making that place something special for all of you, her patrons. She desperately wishes to be back with all of you soon. If you have questions or concerns regarding lessons or otherwise, please direct all questions/concerns/calls to one of the other staff members. I do not wish to have her disturbed unless absolutely necessary.

Alli thanks you for all of your well wishes

Andrew Zang