Welcome to 2020! How will you make this year better?

New Year, new-ish you? We all love the illusion of a fresh start but it is only an illusion unless you do something about it. We are officially into two weeks into the new year and this is about the time that we fall back into our old routines. And, in years past lose all the inspiration to change how we wanted to do things in 2020. As part of my 2020 goal setting, I look back at the past year and write down all the things I have to do. Then I highlight what brings me joy in January I am going to work on finding more things that bring me joy. And the stuff that I “have” to do that doesn’t bring me joy I ask myself if I need to keep it or if I can stop doing it? If I can’t stop doing it then I find a way to delegate it out in February.

I am going to try to do one thing a month that will help me make the start of this decade epic.

January – do only things that bring you joy

February –  delegate

March – pay attention to the moment (meditate)

April – balance work, life, family and volunteer (previously most stressful month of the year)

May – only touch it once

June – be serious about play

July –  book time to relax

August – travel

September – aim higher for the studios

October – pursue a passion (probably all my half-finished arts and crafts)

November – thankfulness

December – put it all together and live my best life