Week 5 Covid Closed

Now more than ever it’s imperative to keep moving. Joe Pilates tells us: “Above all, learn to breathe correctly…our very life depends on it.” In the midst of our current crisis and its potential to compromise our respiratory system, Joe’s directive has even greater immediacy. Some of our meat-and-potatoes breathing exercises can serve you right in your home on your mat: The Hundred Double Leg Pull Spine Stretch Forward Got 5 minutes? Enjoy this quick Mat workout featuring this deep lung-cleansing Tomorrow marks 5 weeks of being COVID-closed, but who’s counting? (we kind of are 😥) We are focusing on re·sil·ient /rəˈzilyənt/ adjective: 1.able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. 2.able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. 🎉🥳We are so excited to have something to celebrate this week! 🥳🎉 The Studio by AP scholarship winners have been notified! When we open the doors to the studio in the coming weeks/months, we have the opportunity to be strong, mentally and physically IF we make the choice each and every day to stay active.  Seize the day and the workout! We hope you join us on this journey as we take back what’s within our control. Make good decisions! Your Absolute Pilates family 🧡 PS Remember to check out the clearance leggings since we all wear sweatpants all the time now.

Welcome Elizabeth to the virtual schedule for yoga Monday and Friday at 8 am. 


Elizabeth is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher.
She has practiced various styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Yin, Integral, Vini-yoga, Hot and Power yoga all over the world. She believes that constant practice helps bring a state of mindfulness that every person, in every community can benefit from. In her classes, you can expect poses to be taught with variations so that you can adjust the pose to suit your body. The classes are dynamic, playful, and at a slow and steady pace so that the focus always remains on your connection to your breath. 

Nutrition Programs Start 4/27

While we don’t know and fully understand why some are at greater risk than others for viruses, we do know that a healthy immune system is supported by an anti-inflammatory diet. In light of this, we’re going to spend the next few weeks sharing how we eat the best and most delicious food ever that supports our entire body and immune system. Now is THE time to care for yourself in the greatest way possible. Some anti-inflammatory advice that Allison does try to follow all the time. 
  • Eat Real Food. Plain and Simple. 
  • Limit Dairy (if you are sensitive avoid)
  • Avoid
    • Any refined or artificial sugars. Sub with maple syrup and honey
    • Any gluten contain products
    • Soy

More info to come this week! We have been working on this programming. Above is an example recipe. If you want more info please reach out to Allison this is going to be just what we all need to get back on track.