Week 13 We are open!

Today is the big day we are reopened for classes! Thank you for your support of this time. I could not be happier. We are not pulling live streaming but we are looking for a balance. Harrisburg location can open back up next Friday! 

We Don’t Just Have A Studio Full of Clients, We Have a Studio Full of Friends.

When we sat down to write a plan for reopening, we did it with you in mind.  Your health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of our teachers, is our top priority and has guided our decision we’ve made during this difficult time, including our preparation to safely re-open our studio doors. We have now included specifics for each studio in our reopening plan. Please note we are asking you to wait to be invited in the studio one at a time for all classes. Everyone needs to wash there hands. The directions from there are studio specific we have posted them here. 

We know that some of you will come running back and some of you will not feel comfortable coming back to the studio right away. For those who do not like to book in advance, teachers will not be responding to text messages while teaching going forward because phones will become one more surface we need to clean. Please make sure you have booked in time to get class links and to know if there is a spot in the class you wish to attend. 

Please remember there is a new waiver to sign. If your membership is on hold it can be reinstated at any future date you are ready – please email info@absolutepilates.com. We will be working to follow up with people who have holds as fast as we can. 

Option 1:  Are You Ready to Schedule Your Welcome Back Workout? You can keep the packages you have. 


We’re Excited to See You Soon!

Option 2:  We’re Offering Welcome Back
Specials! People looking for a change in packages. 

Session Packs (Save Over 25%)

Privates 3 Sessions for $150* 
Duets 3 Sessions for $99

4 Private Sessions a Month $260 
8 Private Sessions a Month $480

We are also converting any packages or packs of sessions that you have currently into Privates or Duets if that serves you better going forward. 

We have not enforced any part of our cancelation policy during our COVID closure. We have to reopen in a diminished compacity and with that compacity come strict cancelation policy enforcement to make our business model viable. The one and only exception is if you are sick. A reminder that is 24 hours for Private and Duet sessions and 6 hours for all classes of any type. 

Make good decisions!

Allison and Your Absolute Pilates family 🧡

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