Experience the power of Pilates and instantly feel how you can begin to heal your lower back, safely.

In only 5-10 minutes a day, you will…

  • Learn the safe clinical Pilates exercises for the lower back
  • Decrease lower back stiffness and pain with beginner exercises
  • Improve your posture with one simple cue
  • Align your whole spine for sitting and standing posture
  • Begin to move again without lower back pain
  • Know how to take the exercise into day to day life for quicker results”!
Hear what one of our clients Mary had to say regarding her experience…”The expert eyes and caring teachers really made the difference. The program was designed for me and the follow-up emails after each session were so helpful.

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Meet Allison

Hi, I am Allison!

I am a lover of wellness, and a proud mama of Absolute Pilates (my firstborn), and a 7-year-old girl. I am an Exercise Physilogist since 2007, Pilates Teacher since 2001, and love working people on their health journey. After sustaining several fitness and running injuries, I fell in love with Pilates. I was comprehensively certified through Core Dynamics in 2007 and while mastering my practice I created a back specific program in 2020 because of the world wide pause called Pilates for the Lower Back that has now successfully helped hundreds of people treat, manage, and heal their lower backs with a more natural and integrative approach. This mini-course is the perfect first step toward trying Pilates and beginning your healing journey. I hope you love it!


Frequently Asked Questions


When does the course start and finish?
This mini-course starts on January 25 and ends January 31, 2021. You can join now and have access to the videos for FREE through the month of January 2021.
How long do I have access to the course?
This mini-course will run through January 31, 2021. Once enrolled, you have access to the videos through the end of January 2021.
Who is this course best for?
This is a perfect mini-course for beginners, anyone with lower back pain, stiffness, and those who want to try Pilates. If you teach Pilates, this course will also be a great introduction to working more confidently with people with lower back pain. It is safe for most people with lower back pain.
How much time do I need to plan for each day?
About 5-10 minutes a day. Each video is designed to introduce you to an introductory movement concept in Pilates specifically for your lower back. It will focus you and keep it simple in order to get you results.
What if I have questions about my specific back or about the course?
You will be invited to join the private Facebook group once enrolled and can get the support you need inside the community. You can also ask me any questions inside the group. This FREE group does not include any personal physical therapy.