We are moving to Camp Hill

I wanted to take a chance to share updates on the move to Camp Hill. We have been working on this project since June of 2018.

We will be combining the Enola and Lemoyne locations (in alphabetical order because they are both as important as the other).

Andy and I are very excited to make this happen. With any construction project the is unknown is real. For better or worse we are moving to Hampden Township and they have rules lots of rules. So the inspections will set our time table from this point forward.

I had hoped to be in by Thanksgiving that will not be happening. We will be in before the New Year! We will probably move the 3rd weekend in December if it can be soon it will be sooner. I will send a mass email and post here. Please read this for updates and do not ask teachers all verified facts are listed here. We have had fake news traveling around. (like we are moving to the old Pealer’s Flowers).

We hope that increase transit time proves to be worth it. The space will be beautiful and have improvements over the current locations.

Focus on This
***Good news the combination will bring more classes and more equipment to all clients. ***Above the new space for Reach for More. To the right the Pilates cleaned up and mostly cleared out. This is the final days before painting. Pilates studio with two less walls and new support beams. Handicapped accessibility for the Physical Therapy room Reach for more footprint was increased and offices are framed out. We spent most of September navigating the design and permit process. It was comprehensive let me tell you. Additionally a few highlights from the design process for you.

“Big News” Incase you missed the the big count down with Andrew and I. We did a thing we bought a building a big building. Thanks Mike DeRemer you had to field my crazy when you had all of your own chaos! You did it like a champ!

Absolute Pilates and Barre, Zang Physical Therapy will be moving in and sharing this space with the amazing Don and Charlene of Reach Multisport & Personal Training