power of pilates

Fit over 50?

J.Lo showed us all yes. Yes you can be shockingly fit after 50. You might not have all of her resources. No matter if you liked her outfits or choreography, we can all agree she is fit and strong. She often is seen working with her hubby A-Rod, research shows that having a work out …

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Pilates improves running performance, study finds

A recent study assessed the influence of engaging in core training, or Pilates, on the performance and metabolic cost of trained runners. The body requires oxygen to do activities and each of us has a maximum oxygen consumption. We we ask our body to run long distances we are required  to have a large maximum oxygen consumption …

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Pilates and Weight Loss

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I do Pilates to lose weight and keep it off”?  Probably not, and here’s why: The Pilates involves so much more than physical exercise and physical benefits!  Even if you started practicing Pilates to drop some pounds, usually the transformation that happens by practicing Pilates is so much bigger than …

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Sweat through a big decision!

“We all know that exercise can help reduce stress and improve health. But did you know it can improve decision making? A Purdue University study found that executives who work out regularly are better decision makers. The study tested the decision-making capabilities of 80 people over a nine-month period. Results showed that the exercisers’ ability …

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