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We’re Stronger Together

Whether you’re just starting to exercise for the first time, interested in building or maintain a solid fitness routine or even cross-training for your next Marathon, Pilates and barre provides the support you need to unleash your potential. Group fitness classes have individuals of all levels of experience who are interested in a variety of …

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Get Healthy Without Boring Yourself to Tears

The association between many forms of “traditional” exercise and sheer, soul-crushing boredom, unfortunately, prevents many people from making sure they fit physical activity into their daily routine. Exercise can be strenuous, and it can be difficult. But there’s certainly no rule that says exercise has to, well, feel like exercise. A Barre class is one …

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Here’s to 2018

Today is the day…That day when every year many individuals make resolutions for changes to make in the coming year. What will it be this year? Will the focus be Family? Diet? Fitness? Better Health? Career? Whatever you choose, what are you willing to do to achieve your goals this year? Will you be able …

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Getting Fit: How To Maintain A New Exercise Routine

Every day, more and more Americans are finding that it’s more important than ever to change up their diet and exercise routine. With an increasing number of people being diagnosed with prediabetes due to their weight and diet choices, there’s no time like the present to change things for the better. If you’ve been thinking …

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Super Charge Spring

If you are ready to take things up a notch, don’t miss our e-book 8 Insider Tips to Getting Started with Pilates. It’s filled with tips on how to get the most out of each and every session so you can feel the burn like never before! Having trouble committing to a regular workout routine? …

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