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We’re Stronger Together

Whether you’re just starting to exercise for the first time, interested in building or maintain a solid fitness routine or even cross-training for your next Marathon, Pilates and barre provides the support you need to unleash your potential. Group fitness classes have individuals of all levels of experience who are interested in a variety of …

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Pilates Makes You Better at These 5 Sports

Pilates is a great workout on its own, but Pilates also makes for an effective cross-training activity that athletes can and should incorporate into their training or at least to supplement it. That’s because the practice improves overall fitness and targets specific muscle groups, enhances flexibility, reduces risk of injury, and introduces a new level …

Pilates Makes You Better at These 5 Sports
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Can you get Cardio in at Absolute Pilates and Barre?

If there’s one question instructors get more than any other question, it’s this: Do I need to supplement my classes with cardio? Q: Let’s answer the question once and for all: Is barre cardio? Is Pilates cardio? A: YES. Pilates and Barre gets your heart pumping and promotes cardiovascular health. Q: OK, but do I need …

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Pilates for the Equestrian

Create a deeper seat and an ideal riding partnership with your horse. Frustrated that your horse won’t respond properly to your commands? Having trouble keeping a stable seat? Feeling unusually sore and tired after a ride? Imbalances develop over time, based on physiology, posture, and lifestyle. How you move when not riding – other types …

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Pilates for Dancers

Dancers love to dance but your body needs to balance out that work. Not only can cross-training go a long way in injury prevention, but low-impact cross-training, won’t put added stress on your joints. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at a few of the biggest advantages dancers can enjoy from cross-training: #1: …

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