Summer Sanity: Pilates and Barre

Summer time is filled with sitting by the pool, drinking smoothies, going on vacation, and spending your time doing absolutely nothing.


We all know that summer can be one of the busiest seasons. With the kids home, garden to care for, work to be at, and vacations to plan, summer can be the opposite of relaxing.

We asked the pilates team how they reel it all in during the summer. You won’t be shocked that pilates and barre are key factors into keeping their sanity.

“Pilates forces me to take dedicate that specific time on the breathing, flow, concentration…etc that’s just “me time.”  Even 30 minutes daily offers a different outlook on issues at hand after time practicing Pilates”. – Stef

“It helps me stay sane because when I walk into the studio, it is my time. Time to take care of myself so that I can be the best person I can be for the rest of my life. It allows me to focus on myself and block out the rest of what is happening. That 60 minutes is about me. Teaching barre let’s me tune out the crazy and blast the stress.  Nothing is more motivating than hearing some great music and hanging with friends to sweat it out.”

– Allison

“Even when life gets busy, I need Pilates to help maintain my flexibility and strength and it gives me an hour to mentally prepare for the day. When I start my day with Pilates I am always more productive throughout the day.“ – Leslie

“Barre helps me stay sane during the summer by keeping me in a routine. I can always depend on my barre classes to help me jump back into my weekly routine to stay on track with health and fitness once I get back from a summer vacation!” – Kathleen

Barre and Pilates could just be another thing you add to the schedule. OR, adding it to your summer could be just the thing that you need to de-stress and get your mind right.