Smart and Timeless Pilates Sportswear that will boost your Pilates training

A life hack when it comes to keeping up with your Pilates training from your home is to do it in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a very long workout. If you can dedicate 7 minutes a few days a week, then chances are that you will want to train for longer after a while. So make it part of your daily morning routine. 

We have some great movements that you can easily start with and some more advanced that you can take on as you progress. A major source of motivation when it comes to keeping up with your morning workout is finding movements that you can feel has a positive impact on your body and mind. Another important thing is what you wear. 

If you slip into your slippers and your bathrobe first thing in the morning, chances are you will stay in them until noon, especially now when most of us are working from home. If you instead put on super comfy and chic sportswear, you will most likely feel the urge to move instead of staying cosy. Save the bathrobe and slippers for the evening.  

When it comes to Pilates, you want sportswear in which you can move with a sense of freedom and that is timeless in design. Pilates Sportswear with no unnecessary pockets or zippers that will take focus from your workout. 

Pebbles Pilates, is top of the range when it comes to Pilates Sportswear. Their premium and super fine yarn together with the timeless design makes it your best sportswear investment. Putting on a pair of Pebbles Pilates legging, first thing in the morning – will guarantee your next move in the morning is a mindful Pilates move! As the design is both smart and comfy you can easily pair it with a nice sweater after your morning move – and jump directly from your workout into your business meeting. 

Pebbles Pilates has been recognized for their sustainable design and premium yarn. Forbes just recently endorsed the brand for “chic workout gear that protects and leaves positive social impact”. In the article they state that “The label proposes a buildable workout wardrobe where newer designs are additions to existing collections. Instead of discarding trendy, fast-fashion workout wear, PEBBLES PILATES encourages consumers to invest in items that are “relevant and timeless in appearance, function and quality.”

Pebbles Pilates takes big pride in the fact that they collaborate with real women which they call their role models into their design process. You can read more about the design process and these role models on their Pilates blog. 

Make a promise this year. When you invest in yourself this year. Make it a smart investment that lasts.