Small Group Training is Back!

Virtual Small Group Training Empowers You to Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Today it’s more important than ever to maintain your overall health, but for many of us, managing a fitness routine has never been more challenging. Current realities make it difficult to get personalized health and fitness guidance from knowledgeable trainers, and it often seems like the only option is an online group class or workout video that doesn’t address your specific needs. Fortunately, Absolute Pilates is providing personalized, in-depth, and specific training through our Virtual Studio. Our knowledgeable teachers give you individualized health and fitness guidance that informs, motivates, and delivers superior results. Certainly, being in the studio on the reformer with your teacher is the optimal situation, but when circumstances prevent a visit to the studio, our Virtual Training is the next best thing.

Join Allison, Lynette and Donna for a small group class drop in classes. Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 8am and 10am and Friday at 10:30 am. These will have a strong focus on form, function, and your needs. They will build on each week to help you go deeper into your practice and reach your goals.

6-week Small Group Pilates Class with Lynette Monday at 10:30 am to focus on The Principles of Pilates to achieve balance, awareness and mindfulness. We will us the ring, ball, loop, hand weights and theraband. Join her for classes each week and get a bosu rental for $90 for 6classes/weeks.  Rental includes a small ball, loop band, theraband, and ring (Option to purchase these $25). We would like everyone to have handweights. The studio has loaner weights and small number for purchase. You will also have access to recorded classes. 

Strength and Tone with Bethany with Bethany

Join Bethany for a 6 week Strength and Tone Series Thursday at 5:30 pm . She will use a combination of hand weights, resistance bands, and body weight to sculpt and define the body. This series will compliment your current @home classes. The series cost includes all of the bands you will need for class (yours to keep!) and the rental of hand weights. Props will be delivered to your house or available for pick up. 

Cardio Circuit Series with Lauren

 Join Lauren for a 6 week Cardio Circuit Series Monday at 5:30 pm . This class will use a BOSU and other small props to enhance your @home routine. With a strong cardio emphasis, you can look forward to a home version of your favorite in studio circuit class (with some minor alterations to make it living room friendly). This $100 series includes BOSU and small prop delivery, rental, pick up, and classes in the series. This series requires a minimum of 3 people to run and will be capped at 8 participants. Rental includes a small ball, loop band, theraband, and ring (Option to purchase these $25) You will also have access to recorded classes. 

Bounce Series with Ryan

Join Ryan for a 6 week Bounce Series Friday at 10:30 am . Add some cardio into your home routine! Although there is a strong cardio emphasis to this series, it will also include some strength based exercises. This $100 series includes trampoline delivery, rental, pick up, and classes. Classes will be held Fridays at 5:30pm beginning 5/15. This series requires a minimum of 3 people to run and will be capped at 7 participants. You will also have access to recorded classes.