Simple Ways to Foster Your Top-to-Bottom Health

We all know that we should take care of ourselves. But when life is hectic, and we can’t see how we could cram one more habit or activity into our lives, our health is often the thing we compromise. However, prioritizing our top-to-bottom health and well-being not only leaves us happier, but it also helps us be more productive and increases our chances at a long life. If you’re super busy but still want to foster your health, here are some simple ways to do that.

Go to the Doctor

The importance of taking steps personally to care for your health cannot be overstated, but nothing can replace getting evaluated by medical professionals. Going to regular checkups helps you to stay in front of potential health issues so that you can change your lifestyle or seek treatment if necessary. Here are a few examples of essential doctor appointments:

  • A dental checkup and cleaning every six months
  • A screening by your dermatologist each year
  • An eye exam each year
  • A physical exam every two to three years

Make Your Home Your Spa

Your skin is a major part of your head-to-health; in fact, it’s your largest organ. One practical way to protect your skin is to incorporate DIY spa treatments at home. For instance, letting the hot water run in your shower for a few minutes will turn it into a steam room. After your shower, use an odor-free body cream to lock in moisture, and then show your face some love with a homemade facial mask. You can also do a hot rock massage by boiling flat stones, letting them cool down a bit, drying them off, and setting them on your neck, back, and/or legs.

Work on Breathing

Another technique for taking care of yourself is breathwork, which above all helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It may sound like a simple practice, but too many people go through everyday life hardly breathing. This is because, when we get stressed or anxious, we tend to take shorter breaths. Breathwork is an excellent way to calm our mind and body by focusing our breathing and taking longer breaths.

Eat for Health

It’s no secret that eating well is essential to a person’s health. But along with eating a balanced diet to benefit your overall health, it can also help to know what types of foods are good for particular parts of the body. Here are a few examples:

  • Walnuts enhance brain cell function and delay cognitive decline.
  • Carrots are packed with various vitamins and increase blood flow to the eyes.
  • Mushrooms benefit the auditory ossicles in the ears via vitamin D.
  • Celery is rich in vitamins and fiber, and it can benefit bone strength.
  • Grapes can help strengthen lung function and ward off lung diseases.

Sleep Consistently

Sleep is another irreplaceable habit to have in your daily life. We all need sleep to function well physically, mentally, and emotionally, but one out of three American adults don’t get enough of it. Come up with a new bedtime routine, change your daily schedule, or do whatever else you need to do. Above all, find ways to prioritize sleep.

Get a Move in It

Similar to eating well and getting good sleep, regular exercise comes with many overall health benefits. If you hate the idea of exercising, you probably haven’t found a regimen you like. But there are many different types of physical activity that each yield their unique benefits to the body and mind. Commit to doing one that you enjoy three to five times a week.

Investing in your top-to-bottom health can do wonders for your happiness and productivity, and you can achieve it through practical, everyday habits. Remember to stay current on your checkups, try a few DIY spa treatments, and practice good breathwork. Also, eat better, get quality sleep, and add exercise to your routine. Once you start implementing habits like these in your life, you will likely experience results and never look back.

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