Silver Pilates

As we mature we can benefit from healthy movement, we can use a reminders of good posture and proper alignment. Good posture and proper align should just be part of our routine like brushing your teeth. Pilates is a low-impact, safe form of strength training. Pilates has also been known to cleanse your vital organs and lubricate your joints making you feel years younger in a session. In class we will work to strengthen and stretch for a strong, pain free, and limber body. Pilates is often recommended by Physicians and Physical Therapists because of it benefits.

Benefits include:
better posture
improved balance
reduced back pain

We recommend the senior student to begin with intro package of private classes. This will insure a good foundation in the basic movement principles of Pilates, and make it easier for our instructors to tailor modifications to your needs.

Class will on Wednesdays at 2pm. Sign up for a 6 week session and save.  6 sessions for $90. Drop ins are welcome!