Self-Care Tips for Pandemic Life

Everyone’s game plan changed with the advent of COVID-19. Social distancing measures and various restrictions popped up, and life as we know it looks quite different these days. As a result, your normal self-care routine is disrupted, and staying on track can be tough. As we start to reemerge from staying at home we how with reasonable caution. These resources will help make it easier.

Establish a Routine

When lockdown began, one of the first things that flew out of the window was our daily routines. With the shift back, it’s all too easy to let haphazard habits take over or fall right back into our old habits. Establishing a dream schedule can help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically. 

Exercising at Home

It’s hard to work out if you don’t have the right space or equipment for a good in-home exercise program, but you might be surprised what you can do with little or nothing at your disposal. 

Eating Right

Everyone’s feeling pretty stressed by the disruption in lifestyle, and one of the coping mechanisms many of us use is eating. Keep things in check with a few clever strategies.

  • Understand that a nutritious diet supports your mind and body, and it’s more important than ever to stay strong through healthy eating habits. 
  • As Healthline says, stress eating is not unusual, and it’s important to identify the sources of your stress, remove your temptations, and stick to a healthy schedule.
  • Give your pantry a healthy makeover to support good choices.
  • You can have food safely delivered to your home through services like instacart or peapod delivery.