Self Care Sunday

It’s time to take some time for yourself. Slow down, do something you love, something to replenish your energy and make you feel more awesome. Here are some self-care Sunday ideas(but you don’t have to wait until Sunday to do them!)

We are going to get help from all the staff and some of their favorite things.


  1. Running
  2. Meditation
  3. Organizing


Sundays are my time to get out in nature! My husband and I enjoy floating on the river and cooking outside. Breathing in the fresh air and sunny days set the mood for a positive week. I also take time to play in the garden or with our dog Lacey.

My self-care is taking a moment to journal each day.  I especially try to write something I’m thankful for each day.  On hard days it is very important to remind yourself of the good things you have in life and to try to focus on all things positive.