Team Absolute Pilates Takes on 2016

We are here to say 2016 is going to be amazing. We have smart goals for this year and are ready to kick some you know!

Resolve (noun): firm determination to do something.

Allison is going to workout 2 days more than her teaching schedule. The real goal for her is to eat enough protein everyday. Continuing with protein theme the Zangs’ are having meatless day.

Mary is training for a sprint triathlon. You can see sneaking in her extra training to get ready the swim. Mary loves to bike and took on running in 2015.

Kristy is adding weight lifting once a week to her routine. She plans to drink more water and eat less carbs. Did you know you should get at least half you body weight in oz of water?

Beth wants to start running. She feels like this something this is never going to happen. Step one she is going to buy new shoes and will try to hold myself accountable so she can hopefully be successful. Feel free to ask her about running!