Reasons We Installed a New HVAC System in the Studio

Reasons To Install a New HVAC System in Your Gym

Poor ventilation can lead to health problems that can be especially cumbersome when you’re working out. When we were exercise, we pull air deeper into our lungs, pushing pollutants and allergens deeper into our lungs.

It’s important to provide both your staff and your clients with good indoor air quality. Here are the reasons to install a new HVAC system in your gym.

Teachers’ Health

A new and improved HVAC system with airflow measurement equipment can help monitor the quality of the ventilation in our facility to protect our teams’ health. Being exposed to poor ventilation for 40 hours a week can lead to health problems. But having consistent and reliable airflow will help reduce the possibility of asthma attacks, mold growth, and other issues related to allergens.

Our Members’ Health

Our staff’s health is a priority, but your member’s comfort needs to be integral. If your members have a difficult time breathing during their workouts or feel uncomfortable in a space because of stagnant airflow, they won’t be your members for much longer. Guaranteeing quality ventilation will help members feel comfortable and safe during their workouts, helping you keep them on as clients.

Protect Equipment

Expensive equipment is the heart of gyms and almost every other fitness facility, and it’s important to maintain your investment in these pieces. Improper cooling can cause mildew to grow, and bad airflow can cause dust accumulations—both are bad for the computers and motors that control equipment like treadmills and ellipticals. A new HVAC can keep airborne dust and the potential for mildew at bay.

Save Money

Even though investing in a new HVAC can seem expensive, it can be a worthy investment in the long run once you consider all the reasons to install a new HVAC system in your gym. Upgraded HVAC systems will be more energy-efficient and will cut down on utility bills. Plus, you’re preventing the possibility of damaging your equipment, and your membership retention will remain high thanks to the improved ventilation.