Pilates for Triathletes

Got to run…swim or bike today? Maybe skip a day and cross train that body. Advice for a proper training program leading up to, hopefully, a personal best race day is at every click on your phone. Whether that means standing on the podium or just finishing the race, the goal is to cross the finish line.

However, ultimately, race day all comes down to you. Pilates has several focus points that are critical for athletes: improve efficiency, decrease the risk of injury and create more body awareness—all by optimizing your mechanics. Pilates is the perfect way to do just that. All efficient body strength and movement stems from a strong and functional core. There is no leg day, no arm day, no core day— it Pilates it is just full body integration everyday all day keeping you moving forward in one piece. In swimming, running, biking—every piece is working together propelling each specific movement.

Pilates puts less stress on already over-stressed muscles and joints by focusing on the smaller stabilizer muscles. Without working these guys, the big ones will soon burn out, resulting in injury or decreased output. An awareness about how your own body operates and how you can optimize your own movement is an empowering skill that can carry you through race day.