Pilates for Skiing and Snowboarding

As the ski season is months away, it is important to prepare your body and get ‘ski fit’. I have personally spent more than 30 years on skis. With any sport, prevention is your best treatment and can lessen the likelihood of those horrible days watching everyone hit the slopes when the snow finally falls and you are stuck rehabilitating your injury. My husband a PT refused to learn to ski for fear he would become injured.

Balance training has been shown to have positive effects on prevention of lower limb injuries in sports involving twisting; as seen in a systemic review done in 2010 (Neuromuscular Training for Sports Injury Prevention: A Systematic Review).

Absolute Pilates offers classes that combine Pilates, plyometric, core, balance, and strength training to increase your endurance, strength, versatility, speed, and agility when boarding or skiing. Classes are aimed at not only increasing performance but also preventing the too common knee, back, shoulder, and wrist injuries seen in snow sports resulting from falling, twisting or catching your edge.

If you’re looking to strengthen your specific “snow” muscles, prevent injury and to get ready for this snow season, come in and see us. A full assessment by myself or our other highly experienced instructors will give you great insight into what you need to do to have better control while making your way around the mountain.

See you on the slopes!