Have you ever experienced waking up feeling crushed by the long list of errands to finish each day? Or maybe go to bed each night feeling tensed and tired by all that is being covered?

Pilates may just be the one you need to refurbish your health senses. This mind-body type of exercise is established not only to form strength but to develop flexibility and restore proper alignment. This is another way to lower stress and improve one’s mental and emotional health as well.

According to Robin Long, a Pilates instructor, and health blogger, he explained that three methods can help you reduce stress.

  1. Improves focus and lessen distractions

In today’s time, we live in a fast-paced society where slowing down is impossible to avoid. We frequently bumped into distractions, high demands, updates, and information. This makes our mindset sometimes drawn into different paths which makes it difficult to focus and assert our senses into a more relaxed state.

Practicing Pilates compels you to slow down and concentrate only on your body and flexibility at hand. Performing this enhances your focus and gives you a chance to meet on the current situation rather than the stressors that appear on your path daily.

  1. Progresses breathing

Learning to breathe sincerely and purposely builds relaxation reactions into the body. Breathing deeply measures your heart rate, eases your muscles and reduces blood pressure. Moreover, intense breathing increases the oxygen resources to the brain, which generates the delivery of rested hormones in your body to guide you in recovering from stress and anxiety naturally.

  1. Develop mindfulness

The Pilates approach is also considered as a spiritual form of exercise. Aside from the flashing through high-intensity training just to feel the tension, you can focus on each reposition with purpose and awareness. Learning the art of mindfulness helps you sharpen your focus, maintain your presence and improve stress-management in different situations better.

If you are struggling with traditional mediation then Pilates can be an excellent option. The mindful movement can give the same benefits of meditation while maintaining an active body.

Exercises are an ideal method to lessen stress but including Pilates into your routine can shift it into another level. If you ever start feeling anxious or beat up then go give Pilates a try. There’s no harm in trying something new. Who knows, it might change your life!