Pilates and Cross-Training

The Pilates community is an amazing network of talent caring people and I was so delighted to meet Helena Alexandra, founder of Pebbles Pilates, through the beauty of social media. Helena’s business is definitely inspiring and so is her story. I love a connect to a fellow #girlboss out there chasing their health and business goals. Check out her story HERE about how her scoliosis led her to Pilates! She was struggling to find a form of exercise that stuck and did not cause her pain. Along with finding Pilates, she found the need for great Pilates clothing. She created this one-piece body suit that I am wearing in this photo. 

I believe the entire world should do Pilates. The big reason Pilates is my go-to form of exercise for everyone is the Pilates principles of flow, control, breath, rhythm, centering, precision, and concentration. Taking the Pilates principles to heart leads to a good workout in each class where you learn body control.  Pilates will then benefit you in any other activities you do even just everyday daily activities. You will feel stronger in your yoga practice, running, tennis, skiing horseback riding and the list can go on. 

Pilates exercises are oriented toward functional fitness and strength. That means Pilates teaches you to move better, in a way that enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury in other activities. This could be both when you are exercising, competing or when performing everyday tasks, like carrying kids shoveling snow or raking leaves.

Pilates mat work is a full-body workout and powerful for developing core strength. In a mat Pilates, you are working on your mat with small props and just your own body weight which is way more work than you would ever think. Pilates can be your main form of strength training, you will want to add the resistance exercises done with large and small Pilates equipment. That will expand your options for developing strength in the limbs as well as the core, and provide the progressive resistance needed to build strength. The equipment can also add support to you as you get started in the studio and with cross-training. 

Many people value the long, lean-looking muscles that come from Pilates. Clients are also after the famous quote from Joe Pilates in 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 sessions you will be a whole new you. This quote comes from the principles of Pilates being applied consistently over time.  Pilates resistance training is enough to give you functional power, help build bone, and burn more calories because muscle is a calorie burner.

If everyone could do one thing to help to feel good in there body Pilates would be it. 

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