Physical Therapy

Zang Physical Therapy a Concierge Physical Therapy practice owned by Andrew Zang. Andy realized this concierge model may seem a bit out there to some who are reading this. Zang Physical Therapy is seeking to deliver a higher level of care and to do this, a new model must be employed. If you have questions regarding this model, please contact me so Andy so he can explain how it is you can truly benefit from this approach vs the traditional model.  He never liked hearing this phrase before, but it is true…you get what you pay for. So, if you want a higher quality of personalized physical therapy, please come see me at Zang Physical Therapy in Absolute Pilates location in Lemoyne, PA.


Dr. Andrew Zang graduated from the University of Pittsburgh’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2008. While at the University of Pittsburgh, Andrew received extensive orthopedic and manual physical therapy training. Since then Andrew completed a year-long training (2012-2013) with Evidence in Motion to achieve his Certification in Manual Therapy. He then became Board Certified in Orthopedics by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (2014). From there, Andrew entered and completed a Fellowship program in Orthopedic Manual Therapy with Evidence in Motion (2014-2016). Fellowship is the highest level of education able to be attained in our profession, which entails 2-3 years of training focused on evidenced based clinical knowledge and reasoning coupled with hands on mentoring/skill training with other fellows. This something only about 1-2% of physical therapists complete during their career.

Choosing a Physical Therapist should be a little like choosing your doctor. Just like all doctors are not experts in all aspects of medicine, neither are physical therapists. As you would typically not go to your PCP for your cardiac issue, you should take stock in the PT’s background to best treat your condition. We walk away from school with the same credentials, but the similarities end there. All educations are not created equal either, but that is another issue altogether.

Below are 7 top tips when looking to choose who you go see for your pain or functional limitation.

#7 Advice from family/friends…certainly good referrals, but one must consider the skill set of the treating therapist. Is your condition like the one who gave you the advice? Just because a therapist is good with one condition does not mean they are good with all. Check out the reviews to see what others think. 


When it comes to caring for your body, one size does not fit all.  Many of our clients have needs that stretch beyond a typical pilates reformer class.  For example, you could be:

Released by your physician after prescribed physical therapy

Referred to a Pilates-based Physical Therapist for therapy

Unsure if you need physical therapy for a recent strain or injury.

That’s why we offer Therapeutic Pilates.


This type of pilates session includes a comprehensive consultation. You are then placed with a senior instructor who has experience and advanced training working with your condition.  The goal is to slowly and safely help integrate you back into general fitness, rather than targeted rehabilitative exercises. This option is best for those who need extra care with a recent injury (shoulder, hip, spine), or with a neurological condition, mild scoliosis, osteopenia, and more.