Outdoor Classes

We are excited to announce that we are able to start offering outdoor classes 5/22/2020! As we start to move to in-person outdoor classes, please observe the following procedures:

  1. All team members and clients are asked to take your temperature at home on a day you are coming to the studio even if it is the outdoor studio. Please stay home if it is not normal. We also ask that you give yourself the Absolute Pilates COVID-Questionnaire prior to attending sessions. 
  2. Meet for class at the outdoor location. The instructor will be waiting for you approximately ten minutes before class time. For Arcona, outdoor classes will be held in the park directly across from the studio. In Walden, classes will be held in the park beside Spring Gate Winery. **Please note that the indoor studio spaces will not be open during these classes.**
  3. Please wear a mask to come to class. You will be able to take your mask off once class begins (if we feel that we have good social distance), but we ask that you leave your mask on while we get everyone set up for a class at a safe social distance of 6ft + between each person. 
  4. For the time being, there will be no use of communal or studio props. For all classes, please bring your own mat or towel to use. For barre classes, please bring a folding chair to use for balance. If you’d like to use hand weights in class, please feel free to bring them from home (hand weights are not required for class, but can always be used to increase the intensity). 
  5. Plan your footwear accordingly! Keep in mind that you will be outside, so you may want to wear sneakers for class or plan to stand in socks on your mat.
  6. Classes will be limited to no more than 20 people per class. Although we will be outside, we do have to strictly adhere to this class limit. Make sure you sign up for class online ahead of time. Drop ins will be accommodated as space permits. 
  7. Because we are not able to be inside, these classes will be held weather permitting. A decision will be made no later than 2 hours prior to the start of class if we need to pull a class for weather.