No princess wand for you!

You started a look for a fitness studio to chase down your unmet goals, didn’t you?

You can think of 100 things you rather spend your time on the things you *actually* enjoy…

To to feel strong from the inside out…

To be flexible..

To be the size your dream of…

To take control of your health…

And to do things on your own terms. But I’m guessing from where you’re sitting right now–

Stretched waayyy too thin across 14,003 different tasks and battling a severe case of shiny object syndrome (‘ooo, maybe THAT’S what I should be doing!’ *ditches existing plan for the third time in two weeks*)

This might sound like some kind of fitness fairytale.

Wanna hear the good news?

If find your fitness studio that lets you live the life you desire *was* a fairytale…

It wouldn’t be Cinderella. Or Sleeping Beauty. Or Aladdin.

It’d be The Tortoise and the Hare. And you, would be the tortoise.

I know, I know–

It’s not sexy. Or glamorous. And it means you don’t get a pretty princess dress.

BUT it’s seriously great news.

Because it means you don’t need a fairy godmother, a rich-and-handsome prince, or a royal birthright to go BIG with your health and wellness…

You just need focus, consistency, and the ability to put one foot in front of the other.

Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down with some good old fashioned myth-busting.

Myth #1: You’ve got to hustle harder

Oh boy… I have a love hate relationship with the word hustle. And that saying ‘no pain no gain’? It comes a close second.

Because finding health and wellness is about working smarter, *not* harder.

It’s about making the RIGHT decisions for you and your body, and ignoring the rest.

This honed-in approach allows you to put your time and energy into the things that will actually move your forward, getting you to your goals a whole lot sooner (and keeping you happy and healthy in the process).

Which brings us to our first tortoise-like quality– focus.


Myth #2: You need to get everything done overnight

A lot of women are so focused on immediate results, they throw EVERYTHING at their goals in the first few weeks.

Unfortunately, this plan of attack usually ends one of two ways–

  1. Doing everything… and then watching it all fall apart
  2. Doing everything, seeing it succeed… and then totally burning out

The fact is, health and wellness has a lot more to do with longevity and sustainability than quick wins.

And this, is why consistency is so important.

Myth #3: I’ve just got to a few more things do and try

While collecting info and learning new things is helpful, it’s *not* the thing that makes a you actually succeed.

Because ideas – even great ones – are worthless on their own.

The real magic? It happens at the time of implementation–

Which is why the ability to put one foot in front of the other is key to your success.

If you’re ready to make like the tortoise and put yourself ahead of the pack–

Choosing focus, consistency, and implementation over hustle, burnout, and the endless cycle of working out to pain and exhaustion…

Absolute Pilates is exactly where you should be.

Because AP is NOT another big box gym…We are here to support you on the way. We are you new #fitfam. We will notice you are missing for class. We will get know you as a person. We will make suggestion of classes to try.

It’s NOT designed to beat you up…but lift you up

And it’s DEFINITELY NOT about sacrificing your life and your freedom to make your health and wellness goals .

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


Let’s start writing your wellness fairytale,