New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

I’m am sure most of you know … I’m really competitive. (Like, really.) My husband is worse than me. So you’d think we’d be running out to set New Year’s resolutions, right? I took me an extra week to figure out where I stood on this topic in 2018.

Just not our style! Let me tell you why…

New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Of course, I’m not against the idea of self-improvement (far from it) especially if the resolution involves getting into a Pilates and barre routine. I’m in full support of setting New Year’s resolutions if it works for you. It became apparent to me that I could not set resolutions because would become overly focused on taking on that one thing and lose focus on other important things.

Better habits are 100% worth the effort and those good routines and a little tracking go a long way toward a successful year ahead. Still, if you’re like me and winning is important (maybe too important), goal-setting has the potential to be frustrating and defeating.

For me here is how it all goes down when it comes to New Year’s resolutions (or resolutions in general) goes something like this:

  1. I think too big and bite off more than I can chew.
  2. I get mad at myself when I don’t accomplish the goal as I thought I would.
  3. Therefore, I don’t want to make new resolutions.

My idea is good but my heart is in the wrong place. Time for a new approach!


Out with New Year’s Resolutions, this year we do Experiments!

In case you were hoping for something more revolutionary, hear me out …

The definition of “resolution:”

  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  2. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

Now let’s compare “experiment”:

  1. a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis or demonstrate a known fact.
  2. a course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the eventual outcome.

Doesn’t one sound more reasonable than the other? (We totally owe Wellness Mama Blog for the inspiration for our experimental approach.)


Calling our goals “experiments” (we’ve also called them “challenges” at times) builds excitement about the process and keeps the focus on the learning. Absolute Pilates is also planning some big challenges for you in February.

It may sound like the easy way out but these challenges actually suit the more intense personalities in our house because it allows us to have laser focus for a shorter period of time. Or, we can just have fun with it and see where it leads … depending on what our family needs at the time.

Ideas for a Healthy and Happy 2018 (& How to Stay Motivated)

So how to start “experimenting” with a great 2018? Here are some favorite experiments and challenges clients and I have  tried over the years, and what I am embarking on this year:

1. Keep a Journal

If there’s any one way to make positive changes (and keep them), is tracking them. A journal will show you want you have done big or small.


One of my favorite ways to manage my life is with a planner that I use as a journal, thought keeper, and source of inspiration.

2. Write up (or Refine) a  Manifesto

Years ago I discovered the power of a moto to shape our family and business culture. It keeps growing and changing as our family and business do.

This all came from the Shonda Rhimes the Year of Yes. This is explained in my interview with Jasmine Brooks on CBS 21 or this Ted talk.

My example is my Manifesto is “I want more.” This is not about the pursuit of material things but about the pursuit of happiness and “perfection”. I want more family time, more happy memories, more time together. So yes opening another business might be a challenge but we tackled it together thus spending time together and learning new skills. That is more!

3. Time for a Sleep Experiment

This one is always in my mind and on my list. I am not a “good” I have struggled since childhood. No reason just not good at it. I have monkey mind and I am a processor.

  • avoiding blue light a few hours before sleep (use iPhone settings)
  • lowering the temperature at night
  • using black-out curtains (and ditching nightlights)
  • investing in a good mattress (we just upgraded)
  • exposure to natural light for at least 30 minutes in the morning

Sleep better and you’re already off to a great start in 2018!

4. Start a Healthy Eating Trend

I’m sure many of us enjoyed some foods we don’t normally consume on a regular basis over the holidays and a detox might be a good way to bounce back. Pick something manageable.

I am going to try to curb my snacking habit. For this means making time to eat the three meals a day “some people” eat. I often work over and through then but I really need to take a break and refuel physically and mentally.

Let’s hear what you have.

5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

It sounds like blah blah blah, but cultivating gratitude as a daily habit is perhaps even more important than any resolution or experiment, because it’s the secret to fighting stress and staying motivated. It keeps us from saying, “If only I had XYZ, I’d be happy,” or, “If only I didn’t have to deal with ABC, I’d be happy.” This is a pretty vicious cycle. Now on to 2018 where I try to teach a 5-year-old, they do not need 52,000 presents for Christmas. #goals #kidlife

I love this TED talk about the Gratitude Project with Hailey Bartholomew. So making the choice to be happy and have gratitude is not only healthy, but it can improve performance and success as well! Sometimes just writing down or photographing what we’re grateful for (and telling others we’re grateful for them too) is all we need to realize we’re doing just fine.

2017: Absolute Pilates Year in Review

Resolutions aside, I do value this time of year for reflecting on all we’ve done and accomplished. Every year I look back at the client goals with a year in review, and this year they include the first building purchase and studio remodel that took up lasted five weeks! It was crazy for sure, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything …Look for facelifts in all the studio this year. (It is at the top of my todo list)

The last 525,600 minutes have been busy, hectic, hard, amazing, rewarding and so many other things all rolled into one crazy year and I’m so grateful that I got to spend some of it with you. Fun facts

  1. 13167 people attended classes
  2. 4556 private session taught
  3. 20 amazing teachers!