My gym offers Pilates… why should I pay to come to ABSolute Pilates?

Good question… and there are several reasons.

ABSolute Pilates offers one-on-one personal attention, something you won’t get at a big gym.
Many gyms offer only mat classes that often have 20 or more people in the class which doesn’t provide the same type of workout as a smaller, more personal class.
Many instructors at gyms are new to the Method of Pilates and do not know the order of Pilates exercises, how to teach it safely, or how to connect the mind to control the whole body while performing the exercise. Pilates teachers at most gyms have experience as an aerobic teacher, or they are certified as a personal trainer with little or no experience in Pilates. Teachers at ABsolute Pilates are all certified in Pilates and have extensive experience, which ensures your safety and increases your results.
You are not on dirty old yoga mats on a gym floor (especially following a sweaty aerobics class). Aside from the cleanliness factor, professional equipment is much more comfortable than the floor.
In gyms, the instructors turn their back and do the exercises with the class, without even looking at the clients. Here at ABSolute Pilates, instructors teach moving around the room while clients exercise, even during Mat class. Toss in the occasional demonstration but our eyes are on you!
What if my gym offers Pilates mat classes – would I benefit from learning Pilates at ABSolute Pilates and then doing the classes at my gym?
Although the widespread availability of Pilates classes is a tribute to its effectiveness as a workout system, Pilates classes are not necessarily comparable between studios and gyms. Each of our teachers are comprehensively trained which means that in general the classes offered at our studio will be superior to those offered at gyms or general fitness centers. The most noticeable difference between the two typically is seen in teaching style, skill and experience of the instructors. ABSolute Pilates also offers classes on Pilates equipment whereas the Pilates classes at gyms may only involve mats.