Meet Lynette

A bit about me: I have a degree in Graphic Design graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and LaRoche College. I have been married for 24 years, have a senior, Lucas and twin sophomores, Mia and Seth. Also in the house are our two rescue dogs, Leo who is 10 and Lola who is 3. My boys both work at Giant, Seth plays soccer on the HS team and Mia is dancer and artist.

Day Job: I am a currently a Behavioral Support Aide at Eisenhower Elementary School in Camp Hill during the day. I was a stay at home mom until my youngest were in 5th grade when I started to sub as a teacher before becoming an Aide.

Pilates Cert: I did my mat and barre cert in the spring of 2015. I had been doing pilates with Allison since the basement days. I was also doing lots of yoga with a friend that had opened a studio in Mechanicsburg. When she closed the studio I was not sure what to do. Allison convinced me to do unlimited mat and barre. As I got stronger, I fell in love with pilates. I had always thought it was really hard but I pushed through and grew.

Fitness in my life: I love yoga and cycling (indoor and outside (only when the weather is nice)) and of course, pilates ranks at the top!

Hobbies: Thinking about it, I suppose cooking/baking is a hobby of mine. I cook a lot and for friends as well.

Fun Fact: I was on the very first synchronized swim team at Cumberland Valley when I was in 3rd grade. My husband and I have been together since 11th grade. My twins were born 1 hour apart – it was a long hour. Lastly, I am an early bird, and I mean, an early bird, up by 4:30 am everyday of the week.