Meet Beth

  • How did you get in to fitness or Pilates or both? I used to do Jane Fonda videos with my Mom all the time when I was little, but didn’t really get into fitness until after I had my son, Parker, eleven years ago. After my pregnancy I realized I had gained A LOT more weight than I had anticipated, and I happened to see an infomercial on TV for Winsor Pilates DVD’s. I ordered them and was immediately hooked!  Pilates was a huge part of me losing that 70 pounds I gained while pregnant and I’ve stuck with various types of Pilates over the years.
  • 2. What is your favorite part of teaching a Pilates? The best part of teaching Pilates is knowing that the clients new to Pilates will see results very quickly ranging from physical appearance to posture to mental clarity.  The clients who have been working at Pilates for a while will continue to increase their strength, flexibility and stamina while challenging themselves to do things they wouldn’t have thought possible.  To see clients succeed and obtain better overall health is very rewarding!
  • What makes you and/or your work unique? I understand that working out and making exercise a part of your normal routine can be difficult, but it’s incredibly important at the same time.  Being able to work hard and achieve your desired results while having fun makes squeezing “workout” time in, that much more doable.  I like to have fun and get to really know clients so we can come up with the best possible routine to help them achieve all their goals, but create an environment that’s relaxed and non judgmental so that everyone feels comfortable and at ease.  I also like to switch things up a little bit and keep your muscles guessing so you’re able to attain optimal results in a short amount of time which will encourage clients to stick with Pilates and the benefits of that will carry over into all areas of your life.
  • What is your favorite other type of exercise? My favorite type of exercise is of course Pilates, but I also really enjoy classical ballet and barre classes, as well as taking long walks and swimming.
  • What is your favorite indulgence? My favorite indulgences food and beverage wise would be cheesecake and frozen margaritas!!  I have a hard time saying no to either 🙂