Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated before and during Pilates

Pilates is known to its light to moderate intensity exercises. Even if it does not necessarily call for special sports drinks, keeping yourself hydrated is still a must. Water is always the perfect choice so no questions about that. Drinking a large glass of water 90 minutes before your class prevents your stomach from swilling. Plus, this lets your body have more time to remove the excesses and you’ll jump off a good start while staying hydrated. Always grab yourself a bottle during your class especially when you get thirsty.

What to eat after a Pilates class?

Always remind yourself to let your body have enough nutrients because it strengthens your muscles and reloads your energy. Drinking another protein smoothie after class or grabbing some light protein and carbohydrate snacks are also excellent choices.

Truth is, your diet between workouts will still depend on whether you have a weight loss goal or you basically just want to nourish your body. You can do Pilates along with cardio exercise together for your fat-burning routine. According to experts, only a few people lose weight from exercise alone. Take note that you still need to work on moderating your calorie intake.