Let’s See – How To Start A Self-Care Routine

Taking good care of yourself should be your top priority. Despite not being sick, you must give the utmost importance to it.

Learning how to fight stress, eat right, and exercise regularly are just the “stepping stones” of self-care. The truth is – there are a lot more when it comes to taking care of yourself.

First, What Is Self-Care?

If you search on the internet about the meaning of self-care, you will see tons of explanations about the subject. But, overall, self-care covers the actions of an individual toward taking care of themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

Why Do We Often Fail At Self-Care?

While self-care may seem easy to do, practicing it regularly is challenging. With the current dynamic of how the world runs today, it can be a struggle for one to practice and promote genuine self-care.

Whether it may be your job or your chores, your daily responsibilities are usually the factors that make practice difficult. There are some people, as well, who feel guilty when they start to focus on themselves.

So, without a doubt, starting a self-care routine entails challenges.

Ways To Get Started

Despite the challenges and struggles of starting a self-care routine, here are some ways that you may want to apply. You can, later on, alter or add a few steps that will tailor your needs accordingly.

  • Set Goals for Incorporating Self-care Behaviors Every Day

Before you start taking good care of yourself, you have to think first of your goals. What are your intentions? Do you want to decrease the risks of getting stresses? Do you want to improve your physical health?

Whatever your goals are, ensure to specify them beforehand. This will help you create a more fitting set of routines for your self-care.

  • Allow Yourself to Feel Your Feelings

When you feel certain things that you find uncomfortable to face, do not try to avoid it. Contrary to popular beliefs, making yourself feel the emotions and sentiments will help you more. So, instead of bypassing some emotions and sentiments, allow yourself to feel and process them.

Certainly, this will help you build more your character and your perspectives for the better.

  • Try That New Yoga Class

Yoga is one of the best and most effective activities that will improve your physical and mental health. Do not interchange yoga from Pilates, though. While they may seem similar, there is a huge difference between the two. 

Yoga offers inner peace as it focuses on mental and spiritual wellbeing. Also, it uses breathing for relaxation. Meanwhile, Pilates focuses on fitness and physical wellbeing. Thus, breathing is for energy.

  • Create a Safe Space at Home That’s Meant Only for Pure Relaxation

Whether it may be your bedroom or garden, or even your bathroom, find a place inside your home that you can practice relaxation. It is important that you have a “safe space” in the comfort of your own home because this will help you with your de-stressing practices and activities.

  • Learn Something Creative

Another way to take good care of yourself is by finding an activity or a hobby that promotes creativity. Aside from eliminating stress and anxiety, these activities may also help improve the quality of your life.

One great example of this is learning how to play musical instruments. You could give yourself music lessons through online resources. You could ask someone, as well, to help you with your lessons.

Alongside music, you may also resort to other creative activities, like home improvements. Think of things that you think will help your creative side. From there, encourage yourself to do it more often.

  • Plan a Workout Date With a Friend

When focusing on your physical health, having fitness routines may come as a daunting activity for some. Undoubtedly, many people find exercising tedious and tiring. This is why not everyone exercises.

If you find yourself in the same shoe, encourage yourself to have a “workout date” with a friend or a family member. You could do it together in your home, or even virtually with the use of online platforms.

  • Make Sleep Part of Your Self-care Routine

Several individuals usually forget to include their sleeping habits in their self-care routines. It is worth noting that your sleep plays a huge role in your wellbeing. Aside from helping your mind and body to replenish the energy you lost for the day, your sleep also heals all of your internal systems. Not to mention, it affects your mental and emotional health since it also involves your hormones.

So, make sure to incorporate it into your regular self-care routines. It need not be grand. Just a simple plan of getting eight to ten hours of sleep every day will already do wonders for your overall health and wellness.

Final Thoughts

All in all, practicing self-care is not easy. Some even say that the process is not beautiful. But, regardless of the process, the result will always be worth it. Not only that you will improve your health and wellness, taking good care of yourself in all aspects will certainly revolutionize your life for good.