Last Call For Planksgiving! Your reason to end the year strong.

The plank strengthens your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius, and your abdominal muscles, which naturally result in a strong posture as they grow in strength. Developing your posture can improve on a number of ailments, and prevent the onset of other ones. Good posture means you’re keeping your bones aligned.

We all want to go in 2021 ahead

Friends, we’ve got under 60 days to go until we welcome a new year (yes!!). You’ve been hard at work on your goals this year – making little-by-little progress. You want to finish this year WELL. You want to finish it STRONG. You know there 0 % chance you the same person who woke up on January 1, 2020.

Guess what? No matter what happened in the last nine months, we ALL have the same ~60 days left in the year, and we can all use them well. And though there’s nothing magical about January 1st, how amazing will it feel to wake up on New Year’s Day, knowing that you are already on your way to living a life that you had been longing for!

Imagine how much momentum you’ll have if you round the bend of the year having already succeeded at something that mattered to you – having renewed that relationship, mastered that thing, kicked that negative habit to the curve, incorporated that healthy habit into your life for good?

That momentum starts now, and it starts together! Join our Planksgiving challenge. Here a video to help you get your planking in today!

PS. Get this amazing magnet for participating as well as a surprise exercise prop for your home use. We all need to think about what we do well together these challenging post-election days in the US.

Thanks to Sticker Mule for making our custom refrigerator magnets​. Be sure to get one before they’re gone!