Know When It Is a Bad Time To Get a Massage

Know When It Is a Bad Time To Get a Massage

Most of the time, massage therapy is a positive thing that improves overall health throughout the body. This is mostly true, except for those who are ill or have underlying conditions. If someone has an illness, they may need to get their medical physician’s approval before going through with massage therapy. Know when it is a bad time to get a massage, such as when something may cause you more harm than healing.

Contagious Disease

For obvious reasons to the person with a contagious disease, you would not want to spread it to someone else. Secondly, having a contagious disease means that you already have strict precautions. Other people do not know of the illness and instantly become victims when in proximity.

If you must question whether you have something contagious, you should see a doctor. Then, you can recover in a controlled environment and stop it from spreading.

Special Conditions That Require Other Treatment

Having special conditions may make a massage worse. For instance, if someone comes down with a fever, the massage will increase circulation in the body. This will elevate the fever and is detrimental to the person’s health.

The same goes with kidney conditions, where massage puts a strain on the person. There is also an issue for people with cancer, where the individual may have a weakened immune response. Also, inflammation can become further aggravated, and hypertension will ultimately get worse over time.

Why Massage and Blood Clotting Don’t Mix

You may think that deep tissue massage would help with blood clots, and to an extent, it does. However, this is something that only a medical professional should handle. On the one hand, it does help break apart blood clots to increase blood flow, which is helpful. On the other hand, those clots may not fully break down, which could risk them getting lodged in the brain, lungs, or other organs, causing an aneurysm. Therefore, people with blood clots should avoid massages.

Massage therapy has many wonderful healing properties that may work on an otherwise healthy individual. However, we must consider our medical situations and health before undergoing such treatments. Consulting with a medical physician ensures that it’s okay to benefit from massage therapy. With certain medical issues, know when it is a bad time to get a massage. So, it is wise to think it over before making the appointment if it may cause more harm than good.