Introducing the Core Align

In fell in love with the Core Align just after having my baby girl. I was visiting my best friend with pumpkin in DC. My friend took me for my first pilates lesson after Alivia to her local Pilates. By later that afternoon my lower body was ripped up along with feeling a deep connection to my core. It was great something I had not had not felt in while. It had all the principals of Pilates and really challenged my bad Mommy posturer that I was developing.

This machine is like a strange hybrid of a ladder and ski machine. The Core Align was designed by Jonathan Hoffman a physical therapist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. There are two sliding carts and 6 cords of resistance to challenge all clients balance and strength. The draw to this machine is its vertical that means you are working up right for most of the lesson compared to the more traditional Pilates equipment. You can do a lot of classical pilates moves on the Core Align.

Check out this video of the Core Align in action.