Understanding Our Impact

At Absolute Pilates, we use the power of our business to drive positive change and create value for all our stakeholders. Our mission is to provide a high caliber Pilates sessions to clients. We integrate scientific research to provide practical applications to the Pilates Method and to solve each client’s unique needs. It also means having positive impact on our community, our environment, and the global economy.

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Ecological Impact

Protecting the planet we all call home has been a priority for Absolute Pilates since day one. In the face of a changing climate, we are urgently working to lighten our carbon footprint.  We are working to be entirely powered by renewable electricity.

Read more about our social impact goals and efforts in our 2019 Impact Report coming in fall of 2019.

Social Impact

Nurturing a culture of diversity and inclusivity has always been a part of Absolute Pilates. We welcome people of all backgrounds and walks of life into our community as instructors, clients, and business partners. Embracing diverse perspectives makes us stronger, more resilient, and enables us to be the best we can be.

Read more about our social impact goals and efforts in our 2019 Impact Report coming in fall of 2019.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At our core, we believe that diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, and experience brings out the best in all of us. In October 2018, we announced a diversity impact goal to “meaningfully increase representation of underrepresented groups and ensure equity at Absolute Pilates.” To advance our goal, we are focused on recruiting, retention, training, and building an inclusive culture.

Creating recruiting/advertising practices that help ensure equal opportunities. We have put processes in place to help ensure that teacher training applicants are all evaluated for the same skills keyed to a particular role. For example, in 2019, we implemented scholarship programs to recruit clients to the studio of diverse backgrounds. We created this program to expose minority clients and possibly teacher trainers to Pilates. 

Communicating the inclusive culture at Absolute Pilates. We are proud of the diversity in our minority owned status. We have brought 1/3 of our staff from minority populations.  


We hosted a Take Back the Night fundraiser. We have worked as a staff to include trauma informed practice to help create an experience in the studio that welcoming to people that suffered mental or physical trauma.