How to Stay Fit When Moving to a New City

Your fitness habits are an integral aspect of your health and your character. It can boost your mood, keep you motivated, and get your physical health on the right track. The best part is: fitness looks different to everyone. There are countless ways to stay healthy and partake in your favorite activities. From walking and hiking to more structured classes like yoga or pilates, you can try new things or take beginners classes in new activities at any time. 

Once you’ve found your groove and developed a fitness routine that works for you, it can become a vital part of your daily routine. So, what happens when you’re moving to a new home in a different city? How do you maintain a fitness routine when going through the house hunting or moving processes? How do you establish a new routine in your new city? When you’re making a big move, but you don’t want to fall off the wagon, think about some of these tips to help you stay active.

Research potential neighborhoods

As you start your home search, it’s important to be very familiar with the neighborhood in which your future home will be located. Why does this matter to your fitness routine? It’s essential that the area you live in supports your active lifestyle. When you live in the right neighborhood for your specific lifestyle, you’ll be able to carry on with your routine. If you’re a hiker, you might thrive in a place like Idaho or New Hampshire, where neighborhoods are filled with hiking trails. Or if you’re all about pilates, you can easily find an Absolute Pilates studio here in Pennsylvania to pick up where you left off or get started as a new member

Surround yourself with support 

You may be shocked to find out that up to 70% of your level of fitness is attributed to the people you surround yourself with. Meaning, if the people around you have poor fitness habits, then your chances of being unfit are higher. When you move to a city far away, you’re likely leaving behind a lot of your family and friends that you typically hiked with or took classes with, making it important to find new peers who will support your fitness goals. At Absolute Pilates, you’ll connect with other fitness enthusiasts, make lasting friendships, while also improving your health.  

Work out in the morning

Studies show that exercising in the morning has a handful of benefits that can especially assist you throughout your move. First of all, a morning workout can simply provide you with more energy, which most movers can agree is a necessity throughout the moving process. It can also make you more alert and focused. Along with that, it proves to boost your overall mood. This can be particularly important throughout this stressful time, when finances are strained or looking for a home becomes more difficult than anticipated. Aside from its health benefits, a morning workout can get one task done and out of the way, giving you more time to pack boxes or tour homes. 

Continue with home cooked meals

One thing that happens when moving into a new home is that people sacrifice nutrition for convenience. In other words, family and friends will gather, order takeout and have a few drinks to save time for packing and unpacking. Even after you move in, you can misplace or avoid unpacking pots and pans that will prevent you from cooking meals at home. Since home cooked meals are typically healthier than ordering takeout, it’s critical that you keep some cookware accessible throughout the move, and have nutritious food readily available to refuel and keep your body fit.

Moving to a new place doesn’t have to take away from your fitness journey. With a bit of time management and hard work, you can maintain your fitness routine, a healthy diet, and a new home all at the same time.

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